Thursday, December 5, 2013

Freelance Writing Services

Creative Writing Services:
The Girlfriends Code 101

As part of our creative writing services division, CChic recently teamed up with Sophia Lorraine to co-author her first self-published book titled “The Girlfriend Codes 101: Fundamentals of Friendship & Fashion"

For this project, CChic started by creating a general outline and Table Of Contents for the manuscript. CChic worked with Sophia on content and edits for each chapter. 
CChic also worked on content for “Real Life Letters from Girlfriends”, who shared their experiences exclusively for the book.

TGC is a great "girlfriends" book, and is perfect for an entertaining book club night complete with wine and strawberries!

*Disclaimer CChic did not do Marketing/Media Relations for "The Girlfriends Code" or cover design. CChic solely provided Creative Writing for this project.


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