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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girls Night Out at Macys on State Street

Girls Night Out at Macys on State Street
Thursday October 14, 2010

Okay so being a fashion enthusiast my little princess and I love to go to the local Macys each season for their fashion shows. I just love the Macys on state for its architecture and the events they host each month. There is always something fun to do at the Macys on State street! Its so amusing to see my little princess waltz around and watch the fashions each week. And of course the managers there always remember Her^_^

Over the past years the fashion show has become a bit less glamorous due to the economy. But nevertheless they still had an actual fashion show which is of most importance --the fashions! They didn't have wine or d'oeuvres with servers like they had in the past. Instead they had a beautifully arranged sweets bar.They also had KIND bars, which are very cool and tasty bars that have antioxidants  and vitiams  plus its good for the planet which is always a plus!

They also had lancome makeup booth.

The fashion show had some very inspiring and standout pieces for the upcoming holiday season. Puples, Pinks, and furry boots and Casual Chic were apart of a few of the looks.My favorite pieces were the Rachel by Rachel Roy items.The Rachel by Rachel Roy specialist:Brandi was awesome! If you want Rachel fashion ask for Brandi she is magnificent and will go above and beyond to get what you want. They had the most gorgeous sequin dress in this scrumptious shade of purple, oh girls its sooo amazing isn't it:

The next item from Rachel by Rachel Roy was this beautiful Fuchsia Scarf illusion Dress:WOW!!!

 Now I usually don't ever get to excited about other lines besides bebe so when I do it is even more meaningful to me. I have also watched the Rachel by Rachel Roy line evolve over the last couple of years since she debuted her line Rachel by Rachel Roy at Macys. There is always a piece or two I must get from her collections each season and they are all classic, stunning, elegant, yet fun and edgy pieces. I just simply adore her fashions. Cant wait to see what she will have in store for the Spring 2011 Collection^_^

You can view the Rachel by Rachel Roy clothing line at

Here are some of the other pics from the fashion show:
Love the fur boots on this look and the model is sooo cute..when do we ever get to see a model smile^_^



                    Here's that Military Coat trend...Very Instyle this season

Classic tweed jacket=Elegance

Oh I really loved this look

                                               Love the stud details!

                                               *Sweet and feminine*