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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Akira @ Block 37 Time!!!

So If you haven't been to the brand new Akira at Block 37 ~~what are you waiting for!*?*!
Akira @ Block 37
108 North State Street

                                  The adorable Julie emailed me <so super sweet right!>
                      to let me know that some more treasures had arrived at their store^_^
                                          Julie wearing Akira jacket, skirt and
                 Hermes vintage scarf that she got from London Topshop = *TOO Cute*

                                       This place is literally like a treasure trove:
                        The way the store is set up and the daily arrivals of items
                                      that they only make one each of!!!

 I also got some fun and eccentric jewelry pieces. I don't know what it is about me and jewelry but I just love to go a little crazy when it comes to jewelry*!*Especially with rings>>> I saw these adorable one is a frog with a crown and a ring that is a folded letter***

Then I got a gorgeous necklace and another arm cuff this one matches the Grecian Bag I got from here a couple of weeks ago perfectly*!*

I totally love everything about Akira Block 37 the one of a kind accessories, the clothes, the beautiful layout of the store, the low prices and of course the wonderful stylist Julie ^_^

Visit this Amazing and fun location this Wednesday the Block 37 is having a fashion show at 5:30 for the entire mall!!! that would be the perfect time to make it by*****



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