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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dylan Lauren, Akira Chicago, Michelle Tan and Other Sweet Treats!!!

                                      Today was such a sweet day…Literally!!!

My Day started off with a relaxing day at the Kiva Spa at Macy's on State Street---and I just have to say that my stylist is simply among the best! He is very skilled and and expert for healthy hair. If you have really thick and or curly hair he’s phenomenal!!! :Gorg!*!*!*


Dylan Lauren is so adorable!*!*!*I had so much fun meeting Dylan Lauren author of Dylan’s Candy Bar Unwrap Your Sweet Life. She was at the one and only Macy's on State Street!!! I got to taste some of her delicious jellybeans and they are addictive!!!She also has Barbie dolls that are inspired by Dylan's signature style, and is apart of the Barbie Pink Label. I got it signed for my little princess, and I hope we will keep it forever as a Collectible Piece^_^

 In Dylan's Book it is filled with delightful pictures, cute stories about her childhood, and the overall theme throughout the book is have fun with your imagination! As I read parts of her book I became inspired and was transformed to fun happy memories and thoughts from my own life. The music the Candy man was playing in the background when I had the opportunity to meet Dylan. That song is so sweet and fun which is the epitome of Dylan's essence!


Block 37 Chicago

Next stop was Michelle Tan…Yeah!!! I finally got to get a couple of pieces that I really love from her collection. I made it too early for the party which starts tonight and ends at 9pm!!! So ladies you should really check her store out it is amazing and its 20% off promotion today ^_^

Beautiful Fur Piece with Pearls by Michelle Tan

You know what makes her store so much fun is the adorable salesman: Randall :
Randall is so much fun and doesn’t try to up sell at all he just plays around with the clothing and gives you ideas about how to sport different pieces without any pressure. No pressure was needed for me anyways as I already had a few pieces that I was inspired by. One of the looks where displayed in the Michelle Tan store window last week in gray by W & Double. I love the black one so versatile! When I stopped by the trunk show last week I saw this edgy piece.It is a funky cool sweater that can be worn as a: top of t-shirts and leggings, or jeans and Randall also told me that it can be worn as a bathing suit cover up like for a fun trip to Miami---Caliente!!

There was also this eccentric scarf that is so versatile and brings together your whole look! It is apart of the Michelle Tan Collection! I was eyeing it and then Randall picked it up and showed me different ways to wear it- as a halter piece and then cinch the waist with a cute belt, and Wahla! Instant Trendsetter*****


 Finally I got to finally shop at the new Akira at Block 37!!! It is so big and the selection is unbelievable!!!
I got two of the most unique bags Ive yet to come across…and I am always on the lookout for unique finds. Julie was such an accommodating personal stylist and  extremely helpful...xx to Julie*****

Belts at Akira Chicago, Block 37

The most amazing thing about the items at Akira is that they are all unique and yet very affordable!!!
One of the bags is from the Akira black label and it looks so Grecian and I feel like a goddess with it and it so meticulously detailed and made that I feel like I committed a sin for getting such a deal on this bag---

The 2nd bag is full of sparkles and fringe but who knew the two could be put together and look so amazing?!?!
Gorg! Bag at  Akira Chicago, Block 37

Akira is an Accessories lover Dream come True*****
You can shop online at
right now they have 20% off promotion for online orders with the code SHOP20!*!*!

Chicago is a Fashion Enthusiasts Dream^_^