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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horacio Nieto Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Exhibition: "The Desert & The Sea"

Last Night I was transported to a land where the desert and the sea became one...

Walking in I was greeted by Horacio as every single person was what a lovely personal touch*****
First I must say that Horacio is such an exceptional designer yet I felt so comfortable talking with him at his show and he remembers everyone....that is something not to be taken for granted and speaks volumes about his appreciation for his fans and others.
This makes him truly unique and I adore him for his gracious attitude.

The music was playing by the amazing DJ Marchall Brown and the host :Omar A.Barragan announced the start of the fashion show...
All I could see when the models graced the room was gorgeous shades from the sea, earth tones,beautiful silhouette's, amazing details, marvelous lengths, and stunning jewels that accented each design impeccably:

The jewelry was all by the magnificent Julie which I am already a huge fan of!!! Her pieces are worn religiously by Rachel Ray on her show as well as by hundreds of fans across the world!You can view her pieces online @ and at various upcoming holiday shopping parties across Chicago^_^

And guess where the shoes are all from?!? My new favorite shoe store: *****AKIRA*!*!*! shop online at

Each piece told a story and because the models were viewed on platforms in different poses we got to experience the designs in unique could literally feel the textures, see the details while standing face to face with the models, and take in the true beauty of each piece. My absolute favorite piece if I had to choose is this breathtaking tropical fusion blue Dress...the color, smooth texture and the magnificent train in the back makes this piece Ethereal...

His Arlo Menswear Collection was so fresh and laid back. All of the shades of blue, tan and white were all like a breath of fresh air!!! And of course the models looked : pardon my French: damn good!!!

 My favorite look from his Arlo Menswear collection was this cool and fresh look:

Throughout the evening there were fine drinks and amazing culinary creations by LaFonda del Gusto which is featured also in the Chicago Magazine 2010 one of the best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago. Their cochinita pibil was so delicious...I can't even remember how many I ate last night cause I kept coming back for more every chance I got!!!
You can visit the restaurant labeled as THE ONE in Chicago Magazine at 1408 North Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL 60622 and at

After the models did their second change Horacio appeared onto the crowd to mingle amongst his Truly Impressed friends, and Fans! I got to take home a wonderful gift bag with wonderful samples and coupons and not to mention the memories that will remain indefinitely of that fateful night were the desert and the sea was experienced on land here in Chicago....

Visit the collections from the talented and Gracious Designer @