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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Latino Fashion Week: Fashion Crawl at Trattoria Roma

Today was the Latino Fashion Week Fashion Crawl event held in old Town at the Trattoria Roma. It was a intimate boutique like space upstairs>>>>>

As I  walked in  I was greeted by an instant attraction to Michelle Losiak's cupcakes from her company Chocolate Envy!*!* Who knew that at a fashion event the one thing that would catch the most attention would be cupcakes*!*

These cupcakes and chocolates all looked so scrumptious and too cute!!!She has shoes and lipsticks designs that are chocolate...YUMMY*!* My  Princess Peach went over and devoured one of the chocolate flavored cupcake sand wanted to get seconds!
The owner Michelle Losiak was very friendly and enthusiastic about her creations. She does kids parties, weddings, all occasions! Visit her facebook at: and by phone (773)936-8641.

Next were beautiful jewelry designs by Shelly Becker owner of The 3 hearts Inc. She had so many cute designs and a portion of her proceeds go to help charity. She also mentioned that within a month she will be debuting a children's collection. I cant wait to have matching jewelry for me and my princess*!*
View her collection online at

Claudia Urrutia was stunning with her faux fur designs. She had some amazing faux fur shawl pieces that were in so many different designs that were all amazing. She also designs special occasion dresses view her collection at

Cyclus was an innovative company with the future in mind. This company featured bags that are all made from recycled material like tires and other durable materials. I just thought that this was such a unique concept. You can visit their collection online at:        

They also had Hoy newspaper their to giveaway tickets to Chicago Childrens Museum and I signed for a chance to win a raffle prize*!* Fingers Crossed*

There was also a beauty specialist from Saks there. As well as Kristina Ashely a swimwear designer from Miami who is well known there. I got to look at some of the designs online and they are incredible, you can view them also @

A Designer from the beautiful Puerto Rico JAER CABA'N  was in attendance and he has designed for many celebs and countless fashion mavens view more about this designer and a few of his pieces here:

It was a really fun afternoon and left an "IMPACTO", made me want more...getting a glimpse of the collections from designers from Miami and Puerto Rico makes me yearn for a burst of Tropical Fusion of Fashion!
 Visiting Puerto Rico and Florida in the last two years I fell in love with the shops in San Juan and their preservation of history. Everything is still intact from ages ago. I found so many unique designs there that are stunning and precious.


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