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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale!*!*!*

Nordstrom @ Northbridge Michigan Ave.

Today was the kick off day for Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale!!!Get to your nearest Nordstrom or online - The Nordstroms at Northbridge Shops is the best!!! I always find such great things for me and my family and of course some frivolous extras *Wink* *Wink*
I started off with the accessories and bags and there were some great bags at great prices...but since I'm the girl who has practically everything... I only wanted to buy if it was unique, expressive, and totally me!!!

This Picture Shows some cute Kate Spade bags to the right they are special sale.

Then after 30 minutes of searching I finally found a treasure among the masses...this adorable, feminine leather clutch by Ted Baker.Oh I just love it and will wear it with my all black attire for that extra burst of fun and color!!!


Okay! So I have been searching and waiting for a month to find a SPARKLY cover for IPADS and yes good things do come to those who wait in this case--I am so glad I didn't settle for the boring apple ipad cases, as opposed to this magnificent gold exquisite case by Venture It comes in different colors: Pink, gold and purple!!! Love them Sadly though it wasn't apart of the sale but it is a big investment and well worth it as I anticipate having it to last for my Ipad.

Venture Ipad Case:Retail $89.00

Ipad and Iphone Accessorries @ Nordstrom @ Northbridge

The women's clothing section had a few great finds, and the dress department was great but nothing I went gaga over...Maybe I have too many dresses!?!?! I just browsed the women's shoe sales as a girl can never have too many shoes!

The children's shoe department is the true treasure. Each time they have the sale I always get excellent shoes by Lelli Kelly and Sparkle Sketchers and boots for every princess. Lelli Kelly's are hand embroidered shoes, very exquisite! I purchased many last time so I didn't need to get any today but if you have a little lady in your life right now is the best time to order !

Honestly Nordstrom is one of the only shoe stores in downtown Chicago that has such a big selection of children's exquisite shoes, love Nordstrom Kids shoes. I did find an adorable little faux fur jacket for a gift to give, for a really special little lady for Christmas, Its just too cute^_^

Lastly I went to Make up and fragrance heaven if there is such a thing!!! Dior had a special makeup artist Kevianno available to paint your canvas! If you ladies have the chance please visit him while he is here in Chicago he is truly a sweetheart and will give you expert advice on makeup trends, and tips! I had such fun as you can see in my extra goofy smile in the pictures!*!*!*
He also did not pressure me to purchase anything I simply asked about the products I was interested in and there was no up selling, which is a breath of fresh air! I however have not purchased makeup except lip gloss in over a year so I really wanted something I would actually use and that was fun yet classic. Dior  is the epitome of classic.
The makeup artist Kevianno was very informative, I felt like all the information and tips were priceless about how to apply blush: very lightly with just the tips slightly brushing your face. I also learned that you can use the Dior foundation to cover your lips before applying the gloss or lipstick so that the color shows through better and it lasts longer, Thanks Kevianno!!

Ladies I'm not a big makeup guru or anything. In fact I only wear lip gloss, eye concealer and blush at the most! However Kevianno taught me that you can use the Dior foundation as a Foundation,Concealer, Powder, and Moister all in one!!! And he taught me exactly how to lightly apply it so its not overwhelming. For my eyes he used brow gel 781 and the eye palette colors on my eyes.Finally the 756 gloss finish on my lips.
the Dior Nude Foundation:
Dior 2010 Special Edition Deluxe Palette

They also used Cleanser and Matifying toner, Capture totale Serum, and Capture eye Serum. they all worked wonderfully and I really loved the Capture Totale Serum but I already follow a strict skincare regime with Yonka products for three years as recommend by my esthetican Vlada @ shes the absolute best at skincare.

Prada...Fragrance where have you been all my life!?!?!? Now I thought Bulgari was the best classic fragrance but Prada..WOW You may be my new Love *Hearts* Prada is just among the best when it comes to fragrance. Every fragrance transports you to a heavenly, tranquil scene, I purchased the Prada Milano set it comes with Eau de Parfum:3.4 oz, Lait hydrant: 3.4oz, Savon: 0.7 oz, and Bougie 1.6 oz which is perfect for bringing this scent all over your home. The free gifts included has so much stuff that I plan to actually give away as gifts, they are actually full sized items that are for sale by Prada! All I have to say is that if you or someone you love or know wants a new fragrance :Prada Nordstrom fragrance department has this amazing free gifts with purchase and the gifts themselves:

The events are until Mid November 2010
Get Double Points from November 3-6 2010.
Really the Holidays are the best time to get great treasures and attend fun events!!!

Update: On Novemeber 3, 2010 this article was feautured on The Shops at North Bridge facebook page:
and Nordstrom Facebook page:

Thank you!*!*!*!*!