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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interview With Gordana Rajic of Goca Designs

Goca Designs...Without boundaries, Un-Constricted!

This Evening I got to sit and chit-chat with super cool Designer Gordana Rajic student of U of I: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I met her last week at the amaze Street Style Event: Bill Cunningham New York Chicago Premiere Cocktail Reception hosted by Niki Jefferson of ChiTown Fashionista & Emma of Tres Awesome! Even better Gordana was the winner for the best Street Style Look!!! She is also a member of the U of I college couture week. So I was totally flattered when I was invited to celebrate her birthday with her and a few friends^_*

This young superstar was such a breath of fresh air and uber friendly. Today she turned twenty-one, gosh!!! I was excited to celebrate with her and fellow fashion friends over tea and hot cocoa.She showed me some of her designs and I was totally loving the colors and pencil skirts!The young gal is super talented and I can see her heart in emotions vividly in her designs. I also did an Impromptu Interview with her and get a more intimate look at the inspiration behind her line Goca and Gordana as an individual...

CChic: How did you get into fashion design?
Designer Gordana: It was the fact that I didn't see that much of a market that supplied to my taste. I wanted to emphasis the femininity of a woman's curves! Not hinder it!

CChic:How long have you been designing?
Gordana: Since November 2010, so six months.

CChic:That's Amazing, your already a fixture in the fashion scene!
What inspired you to think of the name Goca? Where did it come from?
Gordana:It's a Serbian nickname from my original name Goai. I felt that the spelling was ambiguous and had duality. I liked that anyone could have their own take on it!

CChic: Cool! I loved that! So What Inspires your collections?
Gordana:With every collection I have a character.That embodies a story line. Much of those story lines are internalized. Then when i find an image that can be conveyed towards the world , that message I would convey with my designs.

CChic:GOCA...So where and What would you like the future to hold?
Gordana: I Would like to own my own boutique and be allowed my clients to embody characters that they see themselves as, but rarely has the resources to convey them.

CChic:I love your purpose. What are your fashion Icons Today, if any?
Gordana: Jeremy Scott and Alexander McQueen. Prior to Sarah Burton. In the fashion Industry many design solely for aesthetics and perpetuates for the design industry being superficial. Jeremy Scott and McQueen design with a purpose and embodied a  message rather implicit or explicit. They bring to the public eye that we are artist. Not entities to Superficial community.

CChic: Wow! Such great purpose. Now for fun what is your go to staple piece?
Gordana: Pencil Skirts and Crop Tops!

CChic:What do you like to Do for fun...we wanna know?
Gordana:I like to go on YouTube and go watch movie trailers to compare the movies to the actual trailer. To see if it holds up to the trailer. My favorite trailers "Dreamland" and "Rules of Attraction".

Afterwards Gordana and friends in tow all talked about our favorite movies. Plus how cold it was outside today. Then we parted ways and said our "See You Laters" and Goca Designs is already a mover and shaker in the fashion community here in Chicago and beyond...So We will be seeing much more of this talented designers work!

Goca Spring 2011 Campaign

Goca Fall 2010

Goca Fall 2010

Goca At
 Rust And Stardust Spring 2011 Collection!

View her collection online at:
Her facebook Fan Page^_*
Images Taken from Goca Facebook Page

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