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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sophia Forero Flair~!

Yesterday Evening was all about Sophia Forero Flair! Sophia Foreo held a beautiful glamorous showing of her exquisite pieces for an event titled: "See What Sparkles," to benefit The Chicago Lighthouse! The Chicago Lighthouse is a school for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired. I am always touched by such a sensitive cause and have two family members who are no longer living who were blind. It takes such a strong soul to handle being blind and get through each day. It is when one is surrounded by individuals with such less fortunate situations and conditions that one becomes extremely aware of just how lucky and grateful we all and I always try to remember never to take anything for granted. The event was so nicely set up and had some of the most yummy chocolate covered strawberries! The strawberries were made by a blind chef at The Chicago Lighthouse School Chelsea Horrigan, The Communications Specialist explained to me. And boy oh boy were they yummy!!!

There were so many pieces displayed by Sophia that it was nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite piece! Sophia Foreo is A Supermom and phenomenal Business Woman/ Jewelry Designer! Her pieces are inspired from culture and the many places of the world!  Plus she of course has her pieces worn by international and local celebrities proudly! Here are a few pieces she has displayed at the"See What Sparkles" Event...

I also got to chat with Kaye Rahn The Executive Chair of Flair and she is truly dedicated to her charity! She told me more details about what Flair is. Flair is actually a weekend long event from September 24, -25th! Flair is being sponsored by one of the most luxurious Hotels Right here in Chicago: The Peninsula and the classiest of stores Saks Fifth Avenue! Kaye Explained that if anyone has very gently used nice clothing that they will be proudly used for this charity. Part of the fun includes of course an amazing fashion show and shopping! I will definitely be attending Flair so get your tickets here or even better donate your last seasons couture to Flair and if you have more than 12 items to donate they can schedule a pick up to your residence to pick them up!

 I am really excited about the event and Flair for what it symbolizes Fun.Fashion.Philanthropy! Thanks to The Chicago Lighthouse for hosting such a fabulous Evening and Sophia Foreo for her endless commitment to such great causes and for making such inspirational pieces. View her Collection online or in one of 300 boutique or department store locations her designs are sold in


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