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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fashionable Impressions at Chicago Fashion Connect!!!

Are You looking to Network and Collaborate with Chicago's Fashion Community? Chicago Fashion Connect is the answer for those who simply want to network and get down to business with others in The Chicago Fashion Industry! Last Night At Chicago Fashion Connect Monthly Mixer held at The Red Canary, was a amazing night full of networking, mingling, munchies and exposure for the fashion minded. 

Raven, Owner and Creator of Chicago Fashion Connect started her company after moving to Chicago from Canada. "In Canada there is so much going on in fashion everyday." Raven explained. She also mentioned how much more elaborate the fashion community is in Canada and the events and community are much more attainable. Whereas we all know here in Chicago it is sometimes like a guessing game to find out about the various fashion shows or events either held at the tents or boutiques.  I am so excited for the opportunities and integration that Chicago Fashion Connect is already providing. It is a much better feeling mingling among others that you know want to be there to network and collaborate. As opposed to just a fashion event, party or opening where people are not always there to mingle with others so it seems more imposing. 
Raven Owner & Founder of Chicago Fashion Connect 

Left: CFI 2011 Designer In Residence: Shavonne Dorsey of Siobhan Apparel
Right: Carmen Turner Visual & Business Coordinator at The Haute Spot

Left: CFI 2011 Designer in Residence Kahindo Mateene of Modahnik
Middle: Raven
Right: Carrie  of Chicago Fashion Resource

Designer Jaiver

Left: Photographer 
Right: Teresa Hagen Make-up Artist

 Here's how it works: Last Night for example, I met an up and coming designer who has superb sketches and I'm super excited to see his work on the runway soon! I will definitely be there at his upcoming fashion shows and provide exposure for him via CChicChicago. Then there were amazing photographer's and makeup artist  who could possibly collaborate with designers to provide images of their designs. There were also other well known designers from Chicago Fashion Incubator. A local boutique, online boutiques and the list goes on and on. Chicago is finally on it's way to becoming more socially connected than ever before!!! See you all at the next Chicago Fashion Connect Mixer on August 2, 2011 at The Citizen Bar 6-9p.m. get your early bird tickets here!!!


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