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Saturday, July 23, 2011

GO - GOCA All The Way!*!*!*

Last Night I got to experience GOCA at it's finest...with Raw emotion! Who knew that this same adorable lady who contacted me to hang out for lunch downtown back in May would turn out to be one of the most sincerest and coolest people I know! I'm forever a lifelong fan and lover of all things GOCA...but most importantly all thing's Gordana!
Plus her hot!!!>> PR & Management :Omar Villalobos and Miguel Villalobos!!!

Held at the artsy cool venue>> The Fashion Market located at 216 South Jefferson St. In the loop. It was A Black & White Fashion Show Ball!!! With the Pre-GOCA show, done by a talented guitarist. The guitarist wowed us with three melodic tunes! That set forth the emotion to be experienced with the designs that followed. I'm simply enamored with her designs and the story behind each piece. Behind every garment there is meaning, substance and raw emotion. This second show was just as amazing as the first! It was a collective showing of her designs from her Spring Collection intertwined with her Fall designs!

The emotion I get when I experience her designs coming down the runway is overwhelming. The designs were all truly breathtaking! I could see myself wearing any & all of her pieces!--- *hint, hint*^_^ The gown that stole the show was the Ravaging Red # & the finale which I will wait until the video footage is complete to unveil that in all it's glory with movement and sensual motion... So for now here is a preview of what us lucky attendees got to experience~

 This collection showcased many Artist's: Hats by Angela Morano whom I met a the last GOCA show at the Evil Olive! Not only did she bring together her artistic designs but she also got to showcase local artist's: Kristen Miccoli and Martha Jagodzinski! There work goes hand in hand with the artistic vision of GOCA designs! And not only that but Kirsten Miccoli who has been featured in Laundry Magazine and Vogue Italia also photographed some of GOCA designs! The Beautiful Hair Extensions by Amel were pieces of art themselves! They all looked so graceful...yet super sexy!So are you ready to see where GOCA goes next!!! We all know that with Gordana she will give us everything she's got to give in the form of artistic expression...nothing less!
Check Out the Full Video Of: The Fashion Show!!!


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