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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wine & Grace at Haute Pink!!!

Known for her Stand-out yet Stand-in designs.
Laurie Underwood of Wanda Grace displayed an exclusive preview of her A/W 2011-2012 Designs
at Haute Pink Shoes for A Party titled:
Wine & Grace at Haute Pink!
 I was excited to see her collections in person as I have seen lots of raving media coverage on her from Popular sites like CoCo & Creme to The Super Stylish Blog by my girl Raijean at Swa-Rai!
Before the show guests were served chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes &
wine by Emeri Pink Moscato---
my type of Hors d' oeuvre!!!

I got to check-out some of the designs carried at Haute Pink!
Which included Basketball Wives Earrings by POParazzi . The owner of Haute Pink!, Triniere Poole explained that the POParazzi earrings sell out as soon as they get them in!
Triniere also carries a full array of unique shoes & handbags that are hard to find styles that you don't see everywhere.

After a bit of mingling and shopping, Laurie Underwood presented her Wanda Grace A/W 2011-2012 Collection Complete with designs Full of Fun Spirit, Sensuality, Superior Style and of course Grace!
As each design was shown Laurie made sure to explain the title of each piece, the fabrics and details, the price and she openly answered any questions after each piece which I really appreciate.
 Laurie prefers the more intimate one-on-one  interaction with her designs and clients so that we get to fully experience the pieces as they are...without all the bells and whistles of a big fashion show. 

After the Presentation I noted which designs I must have soon in my closet! Then got to speak with Laurie and she is such a sweetie pie! I decided I had to know more about this Amazing Designing Diva and here is my exclusive little Q & A with Wanda Grace designer, Laurie Underwood!!!

C.Chic: Where does the Inspiration & Story of the name Wanda Grace come from?

Wanda Grace: Wanda is my middle name...I never really cared for it because I thought is was just too different....for my line, I wanted to use something different and catchy...something people would remember. So, I decided to use Wanda. Grace comes from my love of all things ladylike. I believe that all women should have ladylike qualities and have a desire to be different...Be ladylike and stand out while fitting in at the same time.

C.Chic:  During the Show you mentioned that it took you a mere 20minutes to make the dress you had on tonight!!! That blew me away! Is designing something you've always done or was this a newfound passion as you became an adult?

W.Grace: At the age of 9, I started drawing fashion illustrations. From there, I attend a college preparatory high school in Detroit, MI, where I was able to study Fashion Illustration. At that point, I knew fashion is where I wanted to be. So I went on to study fashion in college. The fashion industry is  not an easy industry to get into. Knowing that, I decided to venture out on my own. It gives me the opportunity to do exactly what I want to do without any limits.

C.Chic:  During the party tonight you mention that a few of your designs are inspired from many African American women in music and television. Where else do you draw a lot of your inspiration for your designs from?

W.Grace: Honestly, I can't design anything without visiting the fabric warehouse. I usually get inspired by fabrics. I have to feel them and I must love the color or pattern. I love anything that has some stretchiness to it.....I try to design pieces that enhance the feminine figure and shows the essence of her style.

C.Chic:  Do you wear your designs all the time or do you also have favorite brands or designers that you like to wear often?

W.Grace: I wear my pieces during very special events. I don't have any particular brands or designers that I wear often. I like to wear anything that fits my style, which is simple, sophisticated and not too trendy.

C.Chic: Being that you’re a mom like me and we are always busy bees. What are some of your favorite everyday looks or outfits you go to when you want to just run out the door to run errands?

W.Grace: I usually throw on a Wanda Grace "Ladylike" Tee with skinny jeans and my Wanda Grace baseball cap....

C.Chic: I love that your pieces are all so very affordable! All under $200 from what I’ve seen so far. Is that also an important element behind The Wanda Grace Brand?

W.Grace: Yes, Yes, Yes!....My whole idea was based around creating affordable chic and fun dresses. I was never into purchasing expensive and overpriced fashion. So, I don't do that to my customer.

C.Chic:What advice would you give an up-and-coming designer?

W.Grace: Be persistent and keep going after your dream. The process of getting there is the most important thing. During that process, make sure your t's are crossed and your i's are dotted. Be consistent with your branding and concept. If you can't hire a professional to create your branding for you, watch some tutorial courses in marketing and learn how to do it yourself. Also, don't just be a designer, be an entrepreneur. Invest in a business or marketing degree...It's good to know how to design fashion, but it's better if you know how to market and sell your it.

C.Chic: So let’s say about 5-10 years from now...What are your dreams for Wanda Grace?

W.Grace: In 5- 10 years, I would like to see Wanda Grace as a recognized brand standing as an exclusive go-to brand for the ultimate event dress.


Without A Doubt I believe Laurie is already well on her way to fulfilling her dream of being 
The Ultimate Event Dress Designer. 
With designs for every age and Occasion Wanda Grace is here to stay with~ Playful Style, Unmatched Poise & Graceful Glamour Indeed!
View More Online At


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