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Friday, September 2, 2011

Shopping & Chocolates Two of A Gals Best Friend Combined!!!

Chocolate & Shopping Combined!??! What more could a lady ask for!
I had such a lovely experience on the Yearly Chicago Fashion + Chocolate Tour!!!
Part of the in fashion Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival! Oh my! I think I was literally in heaven! It was non-stop delicious delights one after another, followed by exclusive shopping surprises!
The tour began at 900 North Michigan at Teuscher Chocolates! Then we headed over to Kate Spade on Oak Street for a beautiful exclusive shopping party!!! I just love the Girly colors and fun bags and accessories I must return soon to redeem my 20% off coupon--cause if you know me I'm a sale lover!

Next Up was just down the street to Sofia Vintage at 72 East Oak Street! Oh my goodness gals!!!
 This place is pure bliss for amazing finds!
In Love with the sunglasses and took me home a couple pair!

Then lets not forget the KOKKU Gourmet Chocolate Blend. It's a local company here in Chicago and we got to taste the yummy Chocolate Spread--- plus take a jar home. Seriously not a good thing for me to have around as I'm sure being the chocolate lover I am !
Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafters had the yummiest chocolate croissant bread and pastries I've tasted all around. There was so much to choose from and it all smelled so good! Dominique who is one of the owners explained to us how they make the breads and the ingredients. The neat butter used is called Pastry Butter.

You want More, sure you do! If you love cupcakes then you won't be able to resist the cupcakes at More! As soon as we stopped in we were greeted with small mini chocolate frosted cupcakes and it was so delicious I just couldn't stop saying mmmmm!

The next story behind More is that the floors are made to resemble the spices used to flavor the cupcakes. The walls even had little holes that represented the smaller cupcakes we had. The lighting is even made in such a manner to Resemble the smoke that comes out of the cupcakes! There was also the option to try little cupcakes during happy hour that has different flavors that resemble drinks- I had the lemon drop which so tasty but must warn you can taste the liquor in those cupcakes so they are for adults only!

After a Trek Down Michigan Ave we finally arrived to Candyality! Located at the Shops At Northbridge. One of my longtime favorite places to find old-school candy and treats for all ages! We sampled some chocolates with faces on them and I tried the Michelle Obama Banana and it was scrumptious!

Our final stop was over a glide down the hall to Adele Dallas Orr Boutique featuring Swirlz Cupcakes! When I walked in I was taken over the fusion of amazing rich colors, textures, the jewels, the Beauty of Adele's designs made it all such a pleasurable & fashionable experience.
The night culminated with a gathering of everyone with water, wine & cupcakes to decide who would win tonight's prizes! Adele Dallas Orr a south African Designer is located on the 3rd floor at the shops at The Shops At Northbridge at 520 N. Michigan Ave. 

♥ ♥

To Schedule An Amazing Chocolate Tour!!!
Also A Perfect Gift Idea

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