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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chicago Welcomes The Festivities With The Toy & Game Fair!!!

This weekend the Holiday Festivities Began in Chicago with the 
Festival of Lights and Navy Pier Welcomed 
 There was so much to see and do that there wasn't a moment of boredom among us!
 A few favorites included...

Attach Anywhere Charms that doubles as Erasers!

Although we enjoyed all the toy and games we had the most extreme fun playing Top Trumps
Top Trumps gets my vote for Best Game & Toy! Here's what I love about it:

*It's educational, you learn as you play facts about Dogs, The United States or even Marvel Comics!

*It's super easy to play for all ages & the entire family!

*It doesn't take up table space to play with the cards!

*It's super affordable at only $6 a pack!

We loved Top Trumps so much we brought us a few packs and brought them home and have been playing with them constantly since. This is an all around amazing gift to give almost anyone who appreciates learning in the most fun way!
The Chicago Toy & Game Fair is open today until 5p.m. and it's not to be missed. 
You wanna attend?! ~ Just email me at & I'll send over some free family passes!

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