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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Sooo Fly Behavior!

Looking for The Perfect Special Treat for Holiday Presents or "Just To Say I love You" Gifts...? 
Fly Behavior is the perfect all  locally made brand of Gorgeous Custom Accessories 
Hand Made Bracelets by Tee Capel. 
I first noticed the lovely "fly" bracelets on Tee at a party back in the summer and was enamored with them from the go!
 Here is My exclusive Little Q & A with the Lovely Lady behind this stunning collection soon to be sweeping The Windy City & Beyond:  

C.Chic:  Tell us more about Fly Behavior bracelets & what sets them apart from other bracelet brands?
Tee Capel: Fly Behavior is an entire collection of accessories that first captured fashionably influenced eyes with our custom hand made bracelets.  Our brand as a whole is dedicated to producing unique hand made pieces that fit effortlessly into your lifestyle. The use of energy altering  semi-precious stones and spiritually symbolic adornments allows us to create something more then a bracelet. 
Our accessories represent, "Existing in Life and Style."

C.Chic: What inspired you to create your own brand? Is designing jewelry a passion of yours?
Tee Capel: I'm an extremely hands on person. That in conjunction with my love for ALL things accessory was the fire that encouraged me to start my own line.  I started out casually creating things for friends and family and from there we grew into something I never imagined. Our journey is fairly new but we are excited of the success we've had thus far.
Fly Behavior is all made right here in Chicago and can be purchased online at 
With two promo's going on for Black Friday! November 23rd going through November 28th.

Choose from Custom initial charm bracelets in two different styles, starting at $30.
 Everything will be loaded to the website today and available to order midnight tonight!
Promo Code: FlyBlackFriday

The first showroom launch will be in 2012 right in the Chi-City!!! 
And As Tee Capel (pictured below) says: "Please Stay Tuned"!!! 
You Can Also Find Fly Behavior on facebook at
Twitter: @flybehavior

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