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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For the month of February and March (because she is so special) Swa-Rai Fashion Blog is my BLOG ON Feature of Choice! February was the month of Heart Awareness and Raijean of has first hand experience of dealing with Heart disease. Survivor of heart Disease and diagnosed at a young age Raijean wanted to-spread the word to the world that it can happen to anyone any age. 

She created The Bleeding Heart Project and held her Launch Part on February 3, 2012. Swai-Rai Blog is among my favorite blogs full of fun events of all kinds and my favorite are the product & Fashion posts! 
I love to see her favorite Furla bags, beauty products and more! 
Plus she is a mommy and superwoman always multi-tasking all in the name of passion!!

C.Chic: What inspired you to create the now ever popular Swa-Rai Fashion Blog?

SwaRai: I think my style is very girly and simple and at times edgy and bold, so I wanted a place where I could talk about my style and what I like thus Swa-Rai was created.

C.Chic:  What type of readers do you generally cater to?

SwaRai: I cater to them all from high-end to those on a budget. I don't leave anyone out.

C.Chic: What has been your favorite story to cover thus far on SwaRai?

SwaRai: It's been a lot but so far NYFW Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show and backstage because the cause is near and dear to my heart.

C.Chic: Your blog has been featured on numerous sites. And I find it remarkable that you have heart disease at such a young age. Now you are bringing awareness to heart disease. Tell us a bit more about The Bleeding Heart Project?

SwaRai: When I was diagnosed I felt like because I was so young I had no one to talk to or turn to regarding my illness. I wanted a place where I could talk about my fears while encouraging others to take care of their heart.

If you are not already a  Swa-Rai Fan & Follower You Must Check Her Blog Out!!

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