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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Whimsical April Showers with Ashley Nicole Catherine!

Whenever I want to transport to a fun whimsical world of fashion I turn to the ever popular blog: Ashely Nicole Catherine! Ashley Nicole Catherine features numerous posts weekly with fun fashion giveaways  and now with her upcoming nuptials: Wedding and Bride themed posts!
She even shares her inspiring wedding details to us readers through special posts on her blog.
It's always refreshing to my eyes viewing her beautiful blog and reading style advice like her "get the look" posts. 
Read On...

C.Chic: I absolutely adore your blog: Ashley Nicole Catherine! What inspired the blog and the name?

Ashley Nicole Catherine: thank you! when i first started my blog, i wasn't sure what direction it would take, but i knew i wanted it to be authentic and really represent me and my aesthetic. i also wanted the flexibility to write about whatever i wanted, so i shied away from thematic titles. what better way to represent me than my name? my first and middle names are ashley nicole and my confirmation name is catherine.

C.Chic: Your posts are so charming, fun and best of all girly~ which I truly enjoy! 
Can you give us a glimpse of your personal style. Do you wear most of the styles you feature?

Ashley Nicole Catherine: i am a girly girl at heart and truly love the styles i post, but my day-to-day style is a bit more classic and geared for city living. i tried to capture my go-to style in this post and explain that while i love sequins and rhinestones, i don't wear them everyday. in my "wear it with" series, you'll find at least one way that i would personally style an outfit.

C.Chic: What are the words that come to mind that bests describe your personality and style?
Ashley Nicole Catherine: feminine, traditional, joyful. actually i think this post sums up my personality and style pretty perfectly.

C.Chic:  What are the trends your loving the most this Spring Season in Beauty & Fashion!?
Ashley Nicole Catherine: i am such a sucker for pastels! it's more of a year-round trend for me, but i love how accessible the pastel pieces are right now.

C.Chic: You obviously have a love for all types of fashion brands and in particular TopShop! Can you tell us who are some of you favorite designers?

Ashley Nicole Catherine: i do! i love mixing more affordable pieces from places like j.crew, ann taylor, banana republic, with investment pieces. while they're out of my price-point, my absolute favorite designers are oscar de la renta, elie saab, jenny packham, to name a few.

C.Chic:  Okay Just for fun...If you had to choose~What are your Five Favorite Blogs To Follow!?

Ashley Nicole Catherine: oh gosh, it's so hard to pick! i love so many blogs, but some of my blogger pals are the gals behind the everygirl, things that sparkle, studio swoon, the now stylebook, and cornflake dreams.

Visit Ashley Nicole Catherine for a dash of sweet & fun fashion to brighten your day!

BLOG ON! Is a monthly feature of my personal absolute favorite blogs that inspire. 
The name BLOG ON! Was inspired from my twitter list created in spring 2011 of bloggers that I loved to follow and decided to make it a featured column to share here and gives a fun personal glimpse to the world of the bloggers featured!

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