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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Chicago Fashion Incubator Presented by Macy’s

Last night I was in the trenches, LITERALLY.  The rain came down so hard that my umbrella failed to protect me. The gusts of wind were so strong that I was almost knocked off of my feet several times. Then finally, I found myself on the intersection of Michigan Ave and Randolph and I couldn’t help but smile when I laid my eyes on the enormous white tent that was to be my refuge for the night. Somehow my black fringe booties ran across the street and into the place where dreams come true. 
Getting to the backstage area was a task in itself. The rain caused small floods inside of the tent that was evident by the cardboard boxes on the ground being used to soak up the water. Upon entering backstage I was greeted with racks of garments, models, makeup artists, and hair stylists all working their magic for the big event. 
The atmosphere was somewhat relaxed and serene. However, if you have ever been backstage at a fashion show you know that this is the calm before the storm. Between last minute accessories and shoe changes and getting the final approval of GIDI designer Taneasha Prunty and the production team everyone’s stress level and excitement was through the roof. 
Once the announcement was made that all models should be in their first looks, the chaos began. Garments being pulled and zipped, shoes tossed, and models just barely making it down the runway was all a part of the excitement. Every now and then I would peek through the side curtain to get a glimpse of the crowd, it was in that moment I realized that we were all here for one reason and one reason only: 
The love of Chicago Fashion and its talented designers...
Malikha Coleman
Fall Contributor of CChicChicago
{Photography by Philip Minefee Photography for CChic}