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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lavin for H&M: Michigan Ave. Chicago Store!!!

Okay so the Lavin for h&m debut was no joke!!! First of all you had to make it line before 8am to get a wristband! The associates there said there were people waiting since last night and those people got first choice time slot to shop for fifteen minutes!*!*!

Depending on when you arrived you got a earlier time slot obviously if you waited since last night or a later time slot up to 1 pm,  if you made it later but no later than 8am! I didn't make it in until 8:10 so obviously I was not going to score any Lavin exclusives unless I wanted to linger around the store all day until it was open to the public!!!

But oh the contrary I did get a lovely Lavin tote bag for $3.95 that was surprisingly just sitting by the registers for purchase..

And--- I also got to score these really cute red shoes made just by h&m but they are so chic and sexy!*!*!*

So As you can tell it was intense and everything made by Lavin was roped and blocked off!!!
There was no pictures allowed in the store but it was definitely a spectacle. Some people didn't have a wristband and were just waiting because they wanted to get a close look at the items...
ahhh I truly love my fellow fashion enthusiasts.


P.S I would have grabbed at least ten more tote bags but sadly you can only purchase one of each:((

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