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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 39th Annual Gazebo Holiday Market, Featuring: Viktoria's Closet Fashion Show!!!

Friday I got to visit the 39th Annual Gazebo Holiday Market at the Chicago Cultural Center!!!
I was really excited to see the Viktoria's Closet Fashion Show. Viktoria's Closet is a Chicago boutique that features European Fashions! You can visit the store at 2482 N. Lincoln Avenue Chicago IL, 60614. My little princess and I arrived around 5:30 awaiting anxiously for the fashion show to begin...

Meanwhile I saw Les Squasht and was happy to say hello to the owner Lesley before the Fashion Show Started. She makes almost everything from hats, headpieces, men ties, and women's clothing! She's such a talented and amazing designer you can visit her online @  *****

Now finally onto the fashions: I really liked the playful and fun looks! Each look provoked a fun, flirty, and comfy look. Nothing was to over the top sexy, it was just the right amount of it. here are some of the looks from the amazing show by Viktoria's Closet!*!*!*!------

I absolutely loved the knitwear from a line called They are a mother and daughter duo that makes all kinds of knitted designs, how wonderful?!? Oh my gosh it was amazing!!!
There were so many pieces that were so fun and unique, I really wish they had a booth there to buy the products...I wanted one of the crochet headbands with the jewel so badly!*!*!* But I have already took a look at her website and I am in the process of making a special order^_^

There was also a few booths that I absolutely loved the first was a booth with Kazuri Beads. And let me tell you these beads are unique because they are made by Kenyan Women and are hand made from Earthen Clay and fired and hand painted by Kenyan Women. These beads feel so soft and smooth against your skin they don't feel rough like even some of the most expensive jewelry. It makes you want to wear it just to feel the silkiness against your skin!*!*!

I brought a light blue set for my grandmother with the matching earrings. I also brought a gold necklace for one of my daughters instructors at school.then I got myself the white beaded necklace as well as the golden one with earrings I just couldn't pass them up!
Katie Smith is the founder of Fair Seadragon that helps distribute this product from Kenya to Here in America. For sales of this product you may contact her at KATIE.SMITH@GMAIL.COM

Oh my!!! While I was looking at the jewels at Kazuri Jewelry my little princess was showing me a beautiful eternity scarf that was made by a Lovely Ohio based company Joey Eric House of Style!*!*!*
And oh my gosh these ladies knew how to work with their clients. They were not afraid to step around and show you exactly how all their items can be worn. You can visit there website online @ and you can use online code: loveje to get 10% off your purchase at anytime!!!!
They were all enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their products. It was such a breath of fresh air to see such great energy in the Gazebo Market^_^

We couldn't leave without the eternity scarf and a exquisitely beautiful pen by Ksivart Which we got as gift to give to a school teacher.

As the Market was closing up I got to say hello to the lovely lady at the Paoo Jewelry booth I got to see their jewelry at the Macys a couple of weeks ago! I fell in love with a beautiful necklace that will not leave my thoughts someday, someday my lovely necklace We may finally become one...

Lastly but most certainly not least... there was a pleasant surprise: a beautiful array of handbags made by Carrie Ella what a beautiful name, and gorgeous custom handbags...

The owner and founder Carrie Ella  was so excited about all her pieces and was so thrilled to tell me about her collection. She loves Italy and through her travels she was inspired to make her own affordable collection of  Italian leather handbags for us dear bag lovers in the states*!*
Some of her handbags where specially made and hand sewn and I loved the colors!!! She also had a great promotion were you by one of her handbags you get a pair of leather gloves and a shawl free*!*!*!*

You can visit her online at:                

Such a lovely and wonderful happy time to be had at the 39 th Annual Gazebo Market!


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