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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tangled the Disney Movie

Oh my gosh I really loved the Movie tangled!!! 
I was just so touched and inspired by this Disney Princess Movie!!!
I loved the movie primarily for the message that I received from it: 
Remember your dreams and when you achieve those dreams make new ones♥♥♥

Now don't get me wrong... I know the movie was totally fantasy but I just was so moved by that message and at a few moments I became teary eyed during some of the scenes- - the movie was very inspirational. 

I thought about my dreams and how I am so blessed to be living my dreams!!! So I thought of making new dreams and I realized... Life is a never ending journey and wherever it takes me as long as live each day to the fullest and surround myself and others with love and happiness...
All dreams will fall in place.


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