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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glitter Event*!*!*! @ The Chicago Cultural Center: Part One

Today I got to visit a few of my favorite designers at the Chicago Cultural Center for the Glitter Event. I also got to meet a favorite new jewelry designer which I'm so excited about!*!*!

Julie is just as adorable as the jewelry she designs. And today I was in for such a lovely treat...just about all her designs were on sale today--- and even better I got two beauties that I had never seen and totally loved...

Really !!!I can't believe how lucky we all are that Jules is right here in Chicago to accommodate whatever your tastes and she can customize the jewelry to your liking. It's just an added bonus that she so sweet Jules 

                                   Right next to Jules was a new favorite: POE'SI:

Her name is Julie too!!! Her collection was all very cohesively done with a simple elegance. She says that she decided to design her current collection this way, as she has already designed pieces before with lots of color and wanted to do something different this time. Shes been designing for a few years and says that she just recently decided to have a go at it full time!!!

It's always so nice to meet designers who have quality pieces and are super sweet and personable which is exactly what she embodies.
I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of her designs...

 I accidentally dropped the necklace I choose and I was sure i shattered it as it fell on the glass lighted floors...I closed my eyes and said "oh no", but too my surprise nothing was lost "Phew"! Julie said, "no worries about that my pieces are really durable" and that sure was true! I decided on a beaded necklace that needed a bit of adjusting and to be shortened and she had no problem doing so in a flash for me^_^ It's made with amethyst...favorite stone of many that I love. ♥

                                    Oh and this ring I just couldn't pass up...
                           As you can see I love the statement pieces most of all!!!

Passing through I saw the Claudia Kliener Collection table with so many goodies to be had...

As well as a lovely booth titled Winter Blues with denim that's made with fleece lining!!! How cool of an idea and almost necessary now with the blistering cold weather! The designer, Samantha Raphael was so enthusiastic about her line of jeans as well as passionate.

Hey! I saw the Michelle Tan booth with many new goodies I have yet to see at the store ~so I was so excited>

I also got to greet the marvelous Elda de La Rosa as I was passing through and she has the sweetest spirit to go with her elegant designs. I decided to get a cute bracelet for my daughter that is actually handcrafted by a relative of hers that does designs sweet^_^

The lovely ladies from 1154 LILL Studio were there!!! I just love the texture of there designs and my business card holder is made from this lovely design studio which I got in October at the Shop Chicago Event at Millenium Park...there designs somehow remind me of the islands each time I look at my piece and feel the texture~love it!!!

I also got to stop by and see a new designer Susanne Siegal---her pieces are really beautiful and I must stop by again today to take a closer look.

Evil Kitty my love was there~ and you know the designer very well: Lidia Wachowska

Can I just say that I love T~ shirts with unique labels, logos, and characters!!! And look at the multitude of creations she said she recently designed a lot of new tops with materials she had that she wanted to use. I just couldn't pass up on her cute new tops! And I also got this beautiful pink embroidered scarf for a pretty Christmas present.

Oh there are so many more designers to see at the Cultural Center and I will be back today to visit many more of my favorite designers as well as some new ones whom I can't wait to meet~ check back later today for Part Two of the Glitter Festivities!!! And if your downtown check out some Wonderful Chicago Designers for gifts to give and keep @ The Chicago Cultural Center ...



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