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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glitter Event*!*!*! @ The Chicago Cultural Center: Part Duex

Evening Everyone!!! I can't wait to tell you about the lovely designers I got to meet today and their lovely designs of course...

First up I had to see my love: Love Lulu Mae she is so much fun and enthusiastic about her designs. And I can' t believe the beautiful rainbow of colors she has in her feathers.I scored this adorable bright pick feathered broach adorned with Swarovski Crystals!*!*!*

 Agnes hand dyes all her own feathers, plus she uses all swavorski crystal on her lovely little designs. And she has the most adorable collection for little girls called Little Lulu Mae. Her designs are definitely one of a kind and you most certainly wont see anything like hers elsewhere...unless you run into a fellow~
                                           LuLu Mae Lover!*!*!

Visit her collection online @

Next Up was a lovely jewelry designer Catherine Barratt of CC Bella! She had some lovely fun designs and colors.I really loved so many pieces and guess what---the one I got was half off ! I feel in love with this beautiful necklace that I absolutely can't wait to wear. She was such fun and takes such pride in her work:

                               View her collection @

Anna Hovet is such a cutesy fun designer. You can tell by her designs and personality that she exudes excitement, simple yet sexy glam, and spunk! I am so loving her t-shirts oh my gosh I think I am truly in t-shirt heaven...I scored two original designs of hers that have sayings in Norwegian, and Spanish plus the cute designs will have everyone asking where did you get I will proudly guide them to the back of my t-shirt where her name is written: Anna Hovet 

Finally! I got to visit K'Fleye designs by Kelly Moseley!*!*! I remember briefly seeing her pieces before in Macy's trunk show and meeting her. I was so excited to score a pair of beautiful earrings before I left. And her lovely friend, Tayo who's also a designer helped me with my pick!
                        You can view the KFleye collection @ and
                             also Tayo's website @

Well Lovebirds I had such fun the last couple days at the Glitter Event! I actually feel so excited about my lovely new items, I did truly feel glittered and I have added some lovely one of a kind sparkle to my collection♥♥♥


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