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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Macy's Friends and Family Sale with Chicago Fashion Designers!!!

So much going on today in the Cold burr~ Windy City!

So while I was at the Macy's on State Street today my sweetheart Julie from Jules was there!!! These designers work really hard and are all over town at various shopping events in the city! I learn about new events each day it seems--- Macy's Special Friends & Family Promotion Yesss! So Julie introduced me to Helen from Rock Candy and I was really having deja vu when I met her then we realized we saw each other at the Macy's earlier in November during the other trunk show event!!!

She has these beautiful acrylic art pendant necklaces that have different found artwork. She had some eccentric pieces but I really loved the piece with the bird watching over it's nest eggs....this can mean so many things caring and nurturing your loved ones.
♥ ♥ ♥

Lara Miller was also there with her lovely accessories, plus a couple other jewelry designers!!!

Next I said hello to Vintage 5...she has gorgeous vintage pieces that are really amazing. Everyone that walked past loved her bracelets and arm cuffs:)

Paoo was there but my lovely purple pendant necklace wasn't... But not to worry as it will always be with me in my heart.^_^
Plus I got to view some new pieces from the line and I couldn't let go of this beautiful bracelet the striking red and blue and yellow eye was so vivid!

            Oh and I got to meet two lovely new ladies that are so sweet and cute~
                                       double stitch twins!!!

They have these cutesy crochet designs and they make them look so sexy yet classy. They also have a book that shows others how to make crochet and wear the designs. I got this beautiful one arm glove that goes over your arm and through your finger, and I had such a fantastic time, I am certain this is one of those pieces were when I wear it people will be asking where dis you get that or who made that its so gorgeous and will take pictures of it on when I wear it!!!

                         Well I'm off now to the Lisa Spagnolo Handbags Website Launch party...
                                                              Ta Ta for now                              

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