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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lisa Spagnolo Website Launch Party at Runway Revival!!!

December 3, 2010

It was a nice evening in Chicago... I got to stop by the Lisa Spagnolo Website Launch Party at Runway Revival! And first thing I saw when I walked in was how cute Lisa Spagnolo looked in her beautiful white dress. Lisa was so stunning in her dress and she somehow managed to run around putting the final touches on her party while staying beautiful:

And I came by for a specific purpose to get the lovely leopard print tote for an amazing deal !*!*!*! Plus a free coupon for Tre's Bien Salon. It's stylish, versatile, and roomy enough for a lab top, Ipad , or folders if you wanna carry it for class^_^
I also love the inside of the tote and its very durable where it can withstand wear and tear:

She also has Vintage Jewelry and although I came too early for the toast to her website .. her pictures from her website were illuminated along the entrance wall and I already got a glance at her website earlier today and all her handbags are on there for sale.

It was such a pleasure to see her again as the first time we met was in October at the
                                    Accessory Style Lounge by Studio-808...

The cosignment shop: Runway Revival located at 2215 N Halsted in Old Town is a great place to find deals on glam expensive brands for a small fraction of the Retail price. They had a pair of Gucci shoes for amazing special, if you have anything designer bring them in to make more room for your closets for new designs. Oh and they also had a small heel with the Red sole gently used for under $200.00. The owner Sheila Hermes will be happy to help you fellow fashion mavens with selling your gently used luxury brands, or you can visit her shop to purchase some vintage pieces for amazing prices♥

                                      View Lisa Spagnolo's website today
                            and view her entire collection:


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