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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Finds at One of A kind Show and Sale Chicago!*!*!*

Gosh it was so freezing cold outside today---but that was not enough to keep me from venturing out through the blizzard like cold to the Merchandise Mart Plaza in downtown Chicago!*!*!*

And oh my this place was huge!!! There were designers from near and far of all different trades. Once you walked around it a bit you kinda got the hang of where everything was but nonetheless it was still pretty much a maze of one of a kind designers. We arrived after 2:30 and had just a couple of hours to go on our shopping adventure*!*!*

We first saw 32 Degrees, an adorable hat booth with fun kids designs with Penguins on the hats!!! My little princess has a love obsession with Penguins^_^ They had all kinds of fun animal designs...snowmen, sharks, monkeys. But the best part my little darling stayed super warm with it on outside!!!

The designer Christine Haley is from Westminster, Masscheuetts. They have a website @ to view there fun and warm hats.

There was a vast array of art designers ...believe me if I was a an art collector I would look no further than this show: My favorite was Nick Paciorek who is from Chicago who focuses on the urban landscape.His paintings are done with Oil on Canvas. Nick has urban landscapes from Chicago and New York... truly beautiful. You can visit his website @

 I also saw a  fabulous designer Kevin O'Grady from Arizona!!! This guy is amazing and I'm truly in love with his bracelets from the fiesta collection. His pieces are made with borosilicate glass and the finished designs are truly magnificent: view his collection at

Garbe designs drew me in because there pieces reminded me of Hawaii...their pieces are done with a clay similar to a clay used in Hawaii: plumeria clay. And anything that can give such a beautiful memory will forever be close to my heart. This purple flower piece stole my heart and I anticipate wearing it soon with a beautiful white t shirt and jeans in the springtime*!*

The designers are two sisters that are from IL!!!: Nancy Seidler and Linda Garbe. They are both two lovely sweethearts and they look forward to doing more shows here in Chicago in the future. Visit there website at

Ododo Originals was a beautiful table of colorful beaded Hair Accessories!!!
Ododo which  means "flower".Little Princess could not wait to get her hands on these as she wants something vibrant and cool to wear in her hair for her birthday this week^_^
The quality of the designs are excellent and durable as they fit through thick, as well as thin hair. The owner and designer Lesley hand crafts the pieces you can visit her website at

The fabulous Brynn Capella has so many adorable new bags available as well as some great deals on sale. I couldn't resist this soft Italian leather clutch with is just the same shape and texture as the one I got a couple of years ago..which by the way is still in mint condition which means the quality is exquisite. Visit her website for more handbag fun at:

Finally right about as the event was coming to a close I got to see Susan Elizabeth of Susan Elizabeth Designs my absolute favorite expert in beautiful stone rings. Everyone was loving her rings and as I was going to check out there was a lady getting two of her precious rings. Guess what I got!?!---A new patchwork ring of course!!! This time in a mint color scheme mixed with a clear stone. I just love her rings so much I swear every girl should have one of these they make you feel extra dolled up no matter what you have on!!!--And please note I have seriously worn my Susan Elizabeth ring with leggings and a tee ♥

That was all of my favorite finds at the One of  A Kind Show...It was such a huge show with so many wonderful designers from all over the country. I sadly missed a few of my  favorite Chicago designers as this place was totally a maze for me but it was still such fun and most importantly we found some luxurious treasures that we will have for years ahead...truly nice time and look forward to the show next year!!!


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