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Friday, January 7, 2011

Francesca's Collections and more fun at Water Tower Place!!!

Today was full of sweet surprises!!! I went over to the Water Tower Place to return a few items to VS and I come upon a world of Bargain Treasures... I am completely enamored with the new line from Victoria's Secret called Supermodel Essentials, I mostly love the comfy tops and the way they feel and drape making you feel like a superstar!

They had some beautiful tops on sale also from a line called Victoria's Secret VSX Sexy Sport. It features fun comfy sporty looks to wear while working out or hanging out!!! I love the tops I found, as I love to pair my  leggings with long fun tops ♥

Next I stopped in Francesca's Collections on the fifth floor in the Water Tower Place... I completely love it!!!

I found such unique little treasures for what I feel are reasonable prices. And the design layout of the store was so is reminiscent of a bedroom or dressing room with everything laid out and arranged with style and done to showcase the items...

I first found this adorable key chain that says home sweet home with a beautiful bright turquoise color and little rhinestones, I just fell in love with it and the texture of it feels amazingly soft like suede.

Next WoW!!! This turquoise belt is so fun, vibrant, and the texture with the smooth beading, plus the wooden clasp... oh gosh I can't wait to wear this with browns, whites, and maybe even yellow come springtime.

Amazing Right!?!-

I just love cool jewelry like this Crystal Band what's so crazy cool is that you can wear it as a band...

Or like a Arm cuff...they did have one more of them left.

I discovered a tribal jewel ring is so amazingly designed with the stone in the middle and then the next layer has rows of green stone that surround it, and finally the black painted leaf design that surrounds the entire outer layer of the ring. Truly unique and a beauty.

All the items were the last of each...meaning one of a kind from this location so if you wanna get some fresh unique and fun treasures head to one of the Francesca's Collections locations they have four here in Chicago or you can shop online at


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