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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale at N. Michigan Ave!*!*!*

                Today was the first day of In Store Sales for The Popular and Greatest Sales:
                           The Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale at N Michigan Ave!!!

Gosh I just love going into Victoria's Secret on N Michigan Ave the Interior Designing in the store is absolutely phenomenal, the grandiose entrance with a huge pink chandelier the, the pretty sleeper wear, pretty colors every where, and the lovely scents lingering in the air its like walking into a dream...

My first stop was the Sleepwear section and I found this Gorgeous White Silk Robe with Embellishments and the word "Bombshell" in Rhinestones and stars all across the back ---
It looks so classy and of course sexy.

Then I went upstairs to get to the Pink stuff---my favorite thing about Victoria's Secret is the Pink Line, such comfy, cute, and classic styles---I came across this Bears Limited Edition Hoodie! It was literally the only one left out of all the sizes and its so cozy I love throwing on the hoodies when I'm in a rush just want something easy breezy to put on, that still looks super cute-- this will be my go to item and I can pair it with jeans, leggings, or shorts !*!

                                     I also love the sales ladies at the store---
                             they are so much fun and helpful with everything!!!

Oh my the Item I'm most excited about and didn't even see it coming was this Pink Luggage!!! *sigh* Well I have been searching fro about two years now for a piece that is the perfect size, cute, durable, washable--I can just wipe off stains!!! I finally found my Mate---Isn't she just Perfect...
Made With Love Pink Luggage

And the best part is I test drove this home from the store to my home which is about a little less than a mile and it's so durable and glides over bumpy roads with  ease and breeze^_^

Finally I went back downstairs to check out the Lotions on Sale and I totally love these Hydrating Body Lotions that work so well in keeping your skin moisturized. Lotions I always get them, the last time I brought two online each in August and I've already ran this time I got five to last me hopefully until the summer until the next sale...

If you haven't gotten a chance to shop online yet then hurry by your local Victoria's Secret for some fun deals or just to walk around to have fun looking at all the fun items in the store---That's what I do when there are no sales all the time---just walk into the store to and feel pretty looking at all the fun stuff!!!


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