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Monday, January 3, 2011

Magic Monday: Bebe Watertower Place New Tweed Items!!!

                                            New Tweed Arrives at bebe!!!
Today was such fun and amazing sale items at the bebe Watertower Place!!!
                             New Tweed Items arrived and I'm soooo in love!!!

The first item is this amazing, cute and fun tweed coat!!! Tweed is always in style and a very classic and cute look for every age...timeless
This coat oh my, I was not sold on it when I saw it on the hanger but when I finally tried it on it just all came together I didn't want to take it off~ It's so fitted , stylish, and has these funky exposed zippers that make this just so classy and stylish:LOVE IT!!!
I tried it with this cute fringe bag !!

                                     I also wanna wear it with different belts,
                                    depending on the look I want to achieve.. 
                  I even think it looks so adorable as just a dress with boots or cute heels

                 Then I tried on an amazing tweed dress that has a matching blazer...
                   oh gosh it's just so cute!!! All these looks remind me of a mixture of  
                                    Chanel with a bit of  Mary Tyler Moore...

                          I'm so in love with these new tweed items and decided  
                   I had to take home the tweed coat and amazing fringe leather bag...
                         I also saw this super sexy velvet dress with metal neckline...
                                                       it's Ah-mazing!!

The bebe Watertower also got some new sexy leopard print tops and dresses, and a few more Resort Items that fit with the nautical trend that should be available online soon.

I also got this really cute pink pink leather belt, it's perfect to wear with a pink jeweled bag I got from bebe months ago...I can't wait to pair it with cute dresses or pretty tops and jeans.

                 I just can't wait to see what new items will be in next time at bebe...
                              always irresistible and inciting clothing awaits...


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