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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Opening Ceremony of the Midwest Anti-Aging Center---Plus Pamper Pleasures!*!*!*

Tonight Was Such a Pampering Night!!! I had the lovely opportunity to attend the opening of the Midwest Anti- Aging Center!!! And ladies this place is not to be missed and guess what--- it's in my favorite shopping destination of all Chicagoland--- The Water Tower Place!*!*!

The ribbon cutting ceremony was led by John Chikow, the CEO of the greater North Michigan Avenue Association, And Co founders of The Midwest Anti- Aging Center: Dr. Ayesha Akabar & Dr. Khaja Asadullah...

This event was hosted by The AZK Group and CS Magazine. I must say a big grateful thank you to Karla of The AZK Group who graciously sent me an invite to the media reception and opening ceremony: Thanks My Love!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Dr. Ayesha Akabar explained that she has been practicing medicine for 12 years and along with Dr. Khaja Asadullah are board certified in Age Management Medicine. They also have an office in Frankfort IL. Both specialize in the gastric band procedure as Dr. Akbar explained that it is non evasive technique. You know that all the while I could not get over how gosh darn fashionable and exquisite she was!!! I mean did you see her Birkin Bag!!!--- Now I'm no label girl but this event was sprinkled with luxury and done so creatively, just look at the pictures and spot all the fashions...

Dr. Akabar also has such an amazing sense of style so I asked her if fashion was something she was passionate about she quickly responded" if I was not a doctor I would be a fashion designer!" I love that, her whole team was all so stylish and looked like models in a fashion show--- !!!
Dr. Ayesha Akabar Dr. Khaja Asadullah 

So after the opening ceremonies I got to try out one of the treatments offered before it became too crowded--- as later it was packed and no more room for anyone on the list! The foot detox was my first time ever getting a detox treatment and I must say I feel so light and energetic after and my body feels like it's been refreshed or given a new life--- you know the feeling after getting a pedicure well it feels like that times 1000--- and it's a natural refreshed feeling not artificial!!!

They take a body Composition Analyzer to tell you your BMI, Fat mass etc. The treatment is done with a detox foot machine that is filled with warm water and saline sea salt...then there is a guide that tells you what products are coming out of your body and from which system in your body. I had a variation of colors mainly of the yellow green color, which means that there as a lot of detoxifying from the kidneys, bladder, etc.

The assistant explained that there will be a natural detoxification of the body for the next 24 hrs and to drink lots of water after. The recommendation is to get the treatment every three days for optimal results. I will for sure be back soon as there will be an special for the foot detox for $50.00, so take advantage of this special while it lasts!!!

There were also other complimentary treatments available... Aqua Detoxification, Synergie Light Therapy, Obagi Radiance Peels, and Wellness and Nutrition advice.

I also got to speak with  Melinda Ring about the natural holistic remedies they provide. I got to try a vegan shake that provides you with nutrients and proteins for vegans, that actually didn't taste awful like imagined it would!

Overall this place is just what the Dr. ordered---literally!!! I will be back very soon to try the detox treatment again which I highly recommend!I got to take home a beauty bag pictured below...

I also plan to make an Individual appointment with Dr. Ayesha Akbar to produce a holistic health plan for maintaining optimal health and to restore...renew...and rejoice!!!

Visit the Midwest Anti-Aging Center at Water Tower Place 845 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 930E Chicago, IL 60611 Call (312) 927-2491 to make an appointment...


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