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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Viewing Party at the Drake Hotel & An Evening of Celebrating!*!*!*

Last Night I got to attend the lovely Drake Hotel Oscar Viewing Party Hosted by the lovely duo, Cece & Melinda with Raymi Productions!*!*!*
I did not attend as press so I didn't take many pictures. I simply wanted to enjoy my evening and Celebrate for so many reasons. I will however give a brief synopsis of the lovely party and I also want to first share with you my experience in getting ready for the event..

Finding my gown to wear....incidentally started back in December when I first got to meet with Borris J. Powell winner of the 2011 Oscar's Design Challenge for his Black Swan Gown.I completely fell in love with one of his designs from his fall 2010 Collection. I had no idea at the time where I would wear the gown to. All I knew is It spoke to me and was such a beautiful design. Borris said to me "Honey with a gown like this you will find somewhere to wear it to!" Borris was absolutely right, besides I will always get to wear the designs to his shows: one in only a couple of weeks! Plus twirling around with my little princess at home counts as wearing my gown;)

After only a couple of weeks due to the Holidays my dress had been made specifically to my taste and to fit me. Then recently in the last week actually I had Borris and his lovely team take time out of their busy schedule to do more last minute adjustments on my gown...and the handsome stud delivered my gown to my door on Friday morning as he was on his way to leave for LA to attend the Oscar's!*!*!

Then Sunday morning I slept in plus took a short nap before getting ready. Rest is so important to me, its how the body particularly mines rejuvenates itself! Thanks to the lovely Carmen at Macy's State Street Beauty Bar for working so hard to help me find the perfect color for my nails. Carmen did my lovely manicure Sunday afternoon in the OPI color "I'm not really a Waitress". Then the beautiful and sweet Joni Laree at MAC in Macy's State Street for doing such an excellent job on matching my colors for my eyes in a demure fashion with my dress right before the party. Finally thanks to me, for my own expertise in styling my hair---Yes I do my own hair and I do it well---^_^

So as I was leaving out I kept checking facebook and Twitter and posting pictures and updates...  I screamed and jumped up and down as I read that Chicago's own Borris J. Powell was announced the winner of the Oscar's Design Challenge!*!*!* I was so excited for him as we all know he truly loves his work and he is such a sweet soul one that puts you at ease and makes you smile inside and out...I am so proud of him and I want him to have all his dreams come true and beyond!!!---♥ ♥ ♥

Chicago is home to such great talent three of our Chicago Designers total where finalist: James de Colon, Miriam Cecilia, and Borris J Powell the winner...although they are all winners in my heart and made great accomplishments with this Oscars Challenge. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Miriam Cecilia about her experience with the Oscars challenge and she has so many new wonderful opportunities coming her way! You can read it under my Interviews tab! She just announced her new design space in Chicago at 1223 W Diversity Parkway~Which I can't wait to visit!*!*!*

I was in such a celebratory mood when I arrived at the Oscar Viewing Party last night and got to twirl around in my gown on the red carpet and speak with Cece and Melinda on the red carpet and they looked so beautiful in their gowns yesterday evening.I also had memories of my time there from wearing my Miriam Cecilia dress back in December ♥

First things first I turned in my ballot predictions for the Oscars before it started. I only got a few correct, as I voted for my favorites---not who I thought would win!
Then I mingled a bit and got to sit with a very beautiful crowd. I sat next to one of the ladies from
 Natural Beauty Med Spa and we watched the Oscars and had a lovely meal and celebratory drinks.We just loved the ambiance and the decor the Palm Court at the Drake is just truly magical. Finally Guest received the lovely gift bags with lots of certificates and some great spa products. I left the party early to watch the rest at home with my family. As I went to bed I could not help but drift into sweet dreams inspired from such a magical and celebratory evening ...


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