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Friday, March 4, 2011

Jimmy Choo & A Night of Mingling at Cerato Fashion Show Too!*!*

Phew!!! So before jetting of to Miami Beach International Fashion Week, I somehow convinced myself that I needed to get some smaller doses of what I was about to endure in Miami all weekend long! Well like always I'm so glad I came out to the events here in Chicago on a beautiful Thursday on March 4, 2011...

First things first, in the early afternoon Tamara Mellon the founder of Jimmy Choo was whisking by Nordstrom for a brief little meet and greet. And she was totally everything that I didn't expect her to be! I never honestly had any idea who the founder and creator of Jimmy Choo was but turns out it's a gorgeous, sweet, professional and uber stylish Little Lady--;) She had THE most gorgeous and rich in color leopard fitted dress that I have ever seen in was so satiny and still classy. Ohh and she also had this cutesy little English accent and was just so sweet and gentle what a lovely gal!

Hmm then somehow after an afternoon of running around--- running errands all afternoon I just knew I still had to make for the Cerato Boutique Fashion Show. Honestly mostly because I missed seeing the wonderful Julie from Jules Jewelry and Christina Fan was going to be there, designer of C/FAN and so many more familiar faces that I had not seen in TOO LONG!

So I hoped up the three flights of stairs to the Cerato Boutique and swung through coat check, then made my donation and my princess and I were ready to mingle!*!* Instantly I gravitated toward my sweetness Jules who has sooo many new extraordinary pieces available including her new ID necklace collection where you can have your initials of yourself and your loved ones always near you. Jules is such a sweet lady and will forever hold a special place in my heart as I meet her back in Oct 2010 when I first started my journey of blogging and she and so many others were so welcoming and encouraging to me, so for that she will always hold a near and dear place In my heart ♥

Julie Designer of World Famous: Shop Jules

Then before the fashion show I saw sooo many friendly and familiar faces..
Leah Fagan of Alidade Apparel

Brynn Capella and friends

Erin  Creaney, founder of Studio-808
One of the first wonderful ladies whose event
 I went to
 also back in Oct 2010 at the start of my journey♥

Then like a blur the show started and ended just as fast... It went by too fast for me as I'm used to being overwhelmed with fashions but alas here are my favorite looks from the evening which showcased looks from Anna Fong, C/FAN,  Kristin Hassan, Jules Jewlry,  Paoo Jewelry , Elise Bergman, lara miller, And  Sophia Reyes,..

Immediately following the show there was so much mingling and networking done that it was the highlight of the evening...

Michelle Tan & Randall
Love them!!!

Glam & Stunning
Her new Fall 2011 Collection is going to be so luxe---
Yes "THE FUR" she's wearing is so amazing it wraps just about any way you can imagine and makes anything look polished!*!*!

Well Adios Amigos For Now... I'm headed on my flight to Miami for what I hope will be an amazing, successful, and above all else fashionable weekend!*!*!* Gracias, xx CChic

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