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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My First Day At Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Featuring: Rocky Gathercole of Dubai!*!*!*

My first Day here at Miami Beach International Fashion Week was Super Fast Paced, and just Awe-Inspiring. Truthfully right now I'm overwhelmed with all that I've seen and want to share so please let me get started with my first feature:

                                                 The Amazing Rocky Gathercole

First I must thank the ladies of Levy Communications group, Rachel, Jessica and Maria they all have done so much for me to make sure that I am welcome and helped me arrange seating for last nights show even though my flight came in too late to get my early placing at the riser...they saved a spot for me in the audience! You ladies are wonderful and make me feel like Miami is a home away from home*hearts*
So as soon as I got to Miami I had to go straight to the Miami Beach Convention Center and received a big welcome from Rachel and Maria and my press passes. I headed to my first Interview with Rocky Gathercole...he was such a sweet and humble guy!

CChic: How long have you been designing, doing your fashions?
Rocky Gathercole: Professionally 21 years
CChic: oh wow!
Rocky Gathercole: I've actually started catching on it at the age of seven, yeah
CChic: Oh my gosh, my daughter is nine and she loves the fashion shows and that whole experience so that's cool!
CChic: So are you familiar with the whole Miami Fashion Week, how many years have you been?
Rocky Gathercole: This is my first year here
CChic: Oh Exciting!
Rocky Gathercole: Yeah, this is actually my first time International
CChic: Oh WoW...your from Dubai right?
Rocky Gathercole:Yeah Based in Dubai yeah
CChic: And what do you design for, like what are your inspirations?
Rocky Gathercole: The Other Side of Me
CChic: Your other side of you!
Rocky Gathercole: This is not something that most would not wear in Dubai, it's very conservative.
CChic: So this is more like a fun outlet for you?
Rocky Gathercole: No, I actually design according to my mood.
CChic: Oh WoW...
Rocky Gathercole: When I'm happy that's my darkest side *smiles big*
CChic: Oh my gosh hmm!
Rocky Gathercole: Smiles
CChic: So one last question: What is your future plans for your line, What do you see?
Rocky Gathercole: I really don't know, just living on a day to day basis
CChic: yeah, your just doing what you love and enjoying the moment!
Rocky Gathercole: I'm happy to have people appreciate what I do
CChic: Yes I do, I obsessed over your pictures on facebook
Rocky Gathercole:Yeah thanks *he has a big sweet smile*
CChic Well thanks so much for your time, can't wait to see your show!

Here are some of his looks from last night, and let me tell you that he put a lot of thought and creativity into his show and delivered the most exciting show of the evening!*!*!* Although it can all only be worn on the runway or in a fantasy, his designs were so full of life, fun, and you can see the passion he has for his designs because of all the little details from the headpieces down to the shoes!
It started with Barbaric cave men that had An X- men flair. They came out just roaring towards the crowd and stomping all over the runway---while baring their barely clothed body which was covered in black makeup to give the emphasis of coming from a cave or underground...then the amazing fashions appeared!
One by one these designs were a mix between a fantasy Vegas Show, and Extreme High Fashion. Each and every one of his models were characters and had a particular theme and essence...
Let me share my images from "The Greatest Show of the Evening" Rocky Gathercole:

There is so much more I have yet to share from Yesterday, so please stay tuned!!!
Plus Today is a whole new Evening of Fashions all over again... I must go out now and enjoy the weather, just as I promised I would bring back some Sunshine....xx CChic

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