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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miami Beach International Fashion Week: Yeah Its Jamaica Fun Time!*!*!

Hear the Sea Waves, Watch the palm trees breeze, hear the Caribbean Environment and People sing! And see the beautiful designs of the Fashions of Jamaica--- Jamaica who knew that they were home to so many top-notch designers!?! You want hot tropical color and flavor in your wardrobe? Lets turn up the notch and sizzle with The Jamaica Collective Showcase featuring many amazing designers including Julan by Juliette Dyke, and two finalist from Jamacia's Mission Catwalk Designers Challenge-
Shenna Carby and Ayanna Dixon. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the showcase....

When I arrived to Miami Beach International Fashion Week Friday I got to see the lovely and talented International Sensation POSHE By Camesha Powell and she was just so cutesy, girly and sexy all rolled into one! Before her show I got a moment to ask her briefly about her line and her amazing plans for the future of POSHE. She was eager to answer, "With my line I like to combine sweet and sophistication and add a bit of fun..." She also got to mention that she will be moving to New York this summer as she has gotten so many great opportunities awaiting for her there. She is ready now for the amazing limitless bright future of POSHE...I hope to perhaps have the opportunity to see one of her shows soon in New York and again here at Miami Beach International Fashion Week! I really enjoyed her show. Here are a few of her designs from friday nights show titled: POSHE Glam Rock!*!*!*

Camesha Powell Creator of POSHE
It was such a fun, spirited and sexy show! I can't wait to see her again soon, plus I plan to get POSHE in my wardrobe!*!*

You can View Full Images From the Show 
                             Images Posted Here are All Taken By CChic♥

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