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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International EveningWear Showcase Feature: Patuna Bushyhead Republic of Georgia~!~!~!

Friday Night was just an amazing night of back to back designers from all over the Globe! I particularly was amazed and just in awe of the designs featured in the Evening Wear Showcase. Rocky Gathercole was of course the highlight of the evening. There was also other designers featured in the Evening Wear Showcase. Then a special performance by BEA PERNIA. I will entertain you with a few of my favorite pictures and share with you my special moments...

Franco Montoro- From Venezuela! His collection was very vibrant, bright and structured. I am truly inspired by the way he used handbags with formal evening looks---such a cool idea & fashion tip! His designs were something I could definitely see myself wearing back in Chicago. This blue jacket was just so amazingly structured and would make any dull outfit POP from his collection... Franco Montoro you now have an obsessed fan of your designs!

Patuna Bushyhead from the Republic of Georgia is an exceptional designer and beautiful person on the inside and outside. This amazing lady graduated at the top of her class with a doctorate in dental surgery! Amazing Right? Well she was so ready and willing to answer any questions that I had about her designs and I got to greet her at the end of the show on Friday, and I saw her while she was attending the Copa Airlines shows on Saturday, she's a big fan of fashion and this is truly her passion.

 I can just feel her wonderful energy around her, and I just LOVE to meet people like that. It soothes my soul. Her designs all have a cohesive theme throughout her collection and the gowns she makes are just like a dream. I have my eye on a particular pink piece! So girly of me I know, but you know like the pink Armani Prive' dress Megan Fox wore at the Golden Globes this year?!?
To me that was the perfect pink evening wear dress and since I love pink and anything girly this dress just needs to somehow make it to my closet...which I excitingly explained to Patuna Friday & Saturday. So fingers crossed we can make that happen very soon!*!*!
I just adored her collection the most of all from the Evening Showcase. Her designs truly makes an impact!

Republic of Georgia Designer ~Patuna Bushyhead

Damaris Rubio from Dominican Republic was such a eccentric and creatively made line. Damaris got her inspiration to design her own line of dresses while visiting truly does inspire, and opens up a world of senses. Take Myself for example, I am now completely enamored with the International Fashion World. Now I must travel back here to Miami and beyond. The long sleeves on the dresses with the attention to the ruffle accents was amazingly detailed. I'm completely in awe of the way the designs flowed together and were all cohesively done...

I believe that there is quite no other Fashion Week like Miami Beach International Fashion Week!*!*! Everyday is a Celebration of Fashion and I'm loving It, Amaze!

You can View Full Images From the Show 
                             Images Posted Here are All Taken By CChic♥

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