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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Making Lemonade out of Lemons---Sanrio and Kooky Kids!*!*!*

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade!!! Well that's just what we did today at the Shops at Northbridge! We made a visit to Kooky Kids we were in for a world of hair goodies!!! If you are like me and are obsessed with girly hair accessories and your little princess love, love, loves cutesy hair flowers, sparkles, and bows...then this place is like a magical hair wonderland!!!

Come inside the Kooky world of kids clothing, toys, tutus, and hair adornment!!! I first got a small dose of this place a month ago- now I got to visit again!

Our main objective upon venturing this Enchanted Kooky World was to trek upon the special hair flower & forest space...
We just couldn't get enough of these purr---tee pieces with the pretty colorful rhinestones...aka"diamonds" no one can tell the differene;) They magically turn any dull hair do from normal to fun-formal!!!

I'm in love with the store and forever enchanted...

Next stop was Saniro--- We just love Sanrio sooo much! We visit this sweet little world so much in the summer just for pure fun! This summer will be no different. I always get so much cute stationary from Sanrio, my desk is literally filled with pens, notepads and stickers from Sanrio!

  Yes I truly love being a girl ♥  

 Yay and we were in for such a treat cause look who was visiting... Hello Kitty!!! 

I loved seeing the adorable miniature little ones taking pictures with Hello Kitty and most of all we loved the goodies we found today...okay maybe I'm a bit more excited than everyone else! But who can blame me?!? You'd be excited too if you love Hello Kitty! 

Well this amazing blue is just so darn succulently rich with the texture and color...
Simply Ah---mazing!!!! I can't wait to wear it with a cute tee and jeans, or fun heels with white blazer and jeans or trousers, just have so much fun - I will incorporate this seemingly ostentatious bag into sweet yet sophisticated looks.

Oh gosh I also saw the most perfect hello kitty wallet which was embellished with sequins with the cutest Hello Kitty face with Pink sequined Ears! ♥
My Sweet Princess decided on a Kuromi Pen and some cute key holders that she collects to play with her Barbie dolls...she actually uses them as special bags for her barbies...Her barbies have a special little store and she likes to make them her special edition items♥

We ended the Girly Shopping at The Shops at Northbridge with a long afternoon lunch.
 We had such fun and who knew it would turn out to be such an enchanted little day!?!
Visit both these stores at The Shops At Northbridge 
520 North Michigan Ave.
& online at


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