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Friday, March 18, 2011

Marina Makaron Moscow...Russian Soul

Marina, Marina!♥!♥ The lady you need to know for timeless, classic yet edgy scarf pieces! Marina Makaron Moscow was by far in my top five most loved designer's collection at the 2011 Miami Beach International Fashion Week! I was so thrilled to see her show live at the Saturday Pret-a'-Porter Style Showcase.

Before I even arrived at MBIFW 2011 I sat an gazed over her pieces online with much anticipation. Yep I'm one of those gals that sit and just stares at Clothing designs online and in magazines with an obsessive look! With her colorful palate who can blame me!?! I feel life and luxury when I viewed her pieces. They all have a story and are strikingly unique, each and every one of her pieces.

Her runway show was full of vibrant, vivid and best of all fitted -yet relaxed pieces. I got to see her pieces up close Friday as she had her pieces for sale and they are just so exquisite and luxurious to the touch, yet they are full of fun and life! Pairing one of her popular scarfs with any otherwise dull attire such as your basic jeans & tee...or basic white or black suit--- add one of those pretty babies and you are stylish edgy chic!

Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2011 Images
Marina Makaron Moscow

I recently learned she is expecting a little bundle of Joy any day now! This lady is truly inspiring and obviously loves being a designer...and building even more exposure to her brand! Her designs make me feel happy, excited and eager to learn more about her...who is the designer behind these gorgeous pieces!?! Well I got my lovely Interview with this sweetheart Marina Makaron and she was very eager to let me into the Wonderful World of Marina Makaron Moscow...!

CChic: How did you get started with designing your line...what inspired you? When did you start designing?
Marina:I have always looked at the world through a rainbow prism. Every school or social activity was partly a design project. I loved playing around with colors and shapes transforming outfits and interiors into custom creations. My initial focus was interior design (furniture) however since I was not capable of building an original piece of furniture I decided to create a design that would fit already existing styles. While experimenting I ended up printing on silk, which in itself ended up being a beautiful and desired product. It all started about 4 years ago after my London School of economics dissertation, I focused on Russian imagery and then through continents and time the brand has transformed to what we see today.

CChic:What embodies a Marina Makaron Moscow design?
Is there a particular theme throughout all of your designs?
Also what is the price range for your gorgeous designs?
Marina:mmm holds in it's heart a Russian soul, an Eastern European folklore of the beginning of 20th century. It's a silent song of fairytales. From season to season the designs are ethnic and colorful as well as cartoonish and modern. mmm silk accessories are under $200 and dresses are around $400.

CChic:Congratulations on your incoming bundle of joy!
Will you be debuting a maternity line, or kids line in the future?
Marina:Thank you! :) This is definitely in the works, I sure have the colors covered. Perhaps at first I will focus more on toddlers' play furniture and nursery decor rather than clothing. I believe it will be a fantastic synergy!
CChic:.I love how your scarf can just change an entire outfit or wardrobe for that matter! What is your go to style piece, that one accessory or piece of clothing that undeniably looks great and is a classic piece?
Marina:I am a big fan of a classic square twill scarf. I prefer it tied cowboy style. It's fashionable, warm, flattering and fun! Also I am a big promoter of head scarves (classic twill square as well), brings me back to old glamorous Hollywood, makes me want to jump into a convertible and drive away into the sunrise.

CChic: I loved you at MBIFW 2011 will you be back or in more shows in the US?
Marina:There will certainly be more of me in US as well as in other places in the world. I am still searching for that one prefect fashion week, and may I say this search is a fabulous fun!

CChic:Finally what can we expect for the future of Marina Makaron Moscow Designs?
Marina: Stay tuned for interior decor and furniture! I am staying loyal to my accessories and colors but expanding my specialty to other design spheres. Also I am releasing a new silk/cashmere made in Italy line that will be available in Spring/Summer 2012. Always creating, always growing so that you would never get bored with mmm :)

Amazing! Who knew here designing started from wanting to do interior design furniture! I would have never guessed! I would love to see her pieces made on say a comfy swanky office chair--- that would be the fashionable focal point of the room! I love the idea of a colorful children's line. Then the Cashmere/ Silk line soon to come--- Wonderful! I think she will be designing for almost every market. Which means her designs are indeed versatile, fun and soulful...and I am so very pleased to have had the opportunity to be apart of the Amazing and never dull World of Marina Makaron Moscow!

You can view her collection online here

Where to buy:

Boutiques US:
Matthew Izzo
Belle Abeille
Turner Percey
Pink on Palmer
Gus Mayer
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Sidney Lerer
Clothes to You
Cashmere Red

                             Here is a how-to picture of her favorite Style The Cowboy!~!~!~

All Images for this Interview Were Graciously Provided by 
Marina Makaron Moscow 

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