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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LAUNCH CFI ---OH MY!*~!*~!*~

I am so very pleased with Chicago Fashion Incubators newest batch of just awe- inspiring designers!!! Where is all this talent hiding?!? It makes one wonder who else has been undiscovered right here in Chicago! I am getting used to some of these events starting really late or going on late...I decided to jet in right when the unveiling started at 7pm! So glad I did because Laura was just announcing the Chicago Fashion Incubators 2011 Class!!!

Okay so onto the fab PAR- TAY! They're were so many Phenomenal New CFI 2011 Talent!!!--- I know exactly which one(s) I will have to visit to order very soon!!!
Class of 2011 CFI---Cettina (Center) 
Eric Kipp
Sweet Elegance

Very Handsome and Fine Quality!

Vibrant Fun & Fitted Designs!


Designer Chavon (Left)

Sensual Sophistication---^_^

This lady is amaze!!!---CFI 2011-Taneasha Prunty of 

Crystal B Designs

Oh and I meet some amazing new and old folks' some I didn't t get to get their cards but others I got to chat with:, Emma of Tre's Awesome, DJ SYE YOUNG with the blinged out headphones---!!! It was such a fun evening...and a few funny moments followed the evening but that's the norm in the World of the fashion obsessed!!!

I will surely be back to return on Sunday for the POP - UP Shop--- Come by to see the amazing 2011 talent and Shop!

Miriam Cecilia Couture and her Sweetheart Mother ♥
Yeah You know who I'm Wearing!

The Amazing Anna Hovet and Stylish Designer Friend Who is wearing her own design!

Dottie's Delights and Alidade Apparel!!!


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