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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bebe Boot Time---All You Need for Spring!*!*!*!*

Today I got to stop in Bebe Watertower Place to Pick up a few goodies with the sweetheart Lola! She goes above and beyond for her clients and she makes sure you leave satisfied with your choices no up selling, which I despise. She had the cutest little bow in her hair and it's such an inspiration to add a little Tropical Feel to any look: Just add a bow flower ♥

Guess what lovely little treasures I found today at the bebe store?!?! The cutest most versatile booties around!!! Apparently these lovebirds have been around since last month and I haven't had the chance to try them out!!!--- thankfully they are even still in stock right?!
They're named The Alexine and are suede so I will have to use a suede protector for these pretty babies *_*

Alexine Nude SKU:174640
Find them here

What's so amazing about them is they can be worn in the Fall, Winter or Spring--- with jeans, dresses, or shorts!!!! These are literally all you need for Spring, Fall or Winter in Chicago for stylish dress up days and nights. And so far Really Comfy!!!----Even without Socks! You know that they totally fit in with the nude trend because they are the perfect shade and go seamlessly with just about every shade of color one can find.I honestly feel like if your a girl on a budget and want just one item that can change your entire Spring, and even Fall Wardrobe---GET THESE!!! Right now they have great sales and coupons so take advantage before everyone else starts to catch onto them! Nude is perfect as it elongates the legs. Plus the boot gives any look a cool bohemian feel...

Then I got to try on these amazing trench dress!!! Ahhh it's so perfect: the draping and fit around the waist makes this piece simple, relaxed glam!!! You can even pair this look with Skinny jeans and tank underneath and wear it as a real trench coat. Drape Skirt Trench Dress, SKU: 176272 
                                                                      Find it here
Have you seen the new amazing tropical and other fun amazing prints in their gorgeous Spring Draping Dresses?!? I just am soooo In love with the draping!!!

They are just what I dreamed of from bebe for oh so long, dresses with length and and oh so feminine. I just am amazed by the beautiful shade of blue, and the pretty turquoise butterfly print in this Spring bebe dress...

Silk Butterfly Drape Maxi SKU:176540
Find it here
Finally look at this Flavorful Fun Belted Raglan Scoop Dress with this fun animal print belt oh so much fun and flair! I love the way this dress moves and you can mix up this look or any of the looks with a simple swap of the belt! The possibilities are endless and you can wear it with the Alexine Boots or with any fun heel of your liking;)

Gypsy Scoop Dress SKU:176555
Find it here
I'm Oh So Happy for the Spring to come--- ready and excited mostly to wear the Alexine Boots...hmmm perhaps I'll wear them tonight with my Miriam Cecilia Dress at the Chicago Fashion Incubator Launch?!!?
We Shall See...

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