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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interview with Borris J Powell...Passionate, Sincere and Humble

Borris J. Powell is such a remarkable success and sweetheart. He is an amazing inspiration to all to do what we love and the rest will follow. I feel so much passion and love in his designs. When I first got the opportunity to meet him at his studio in December 2010, I not only fell in love with his designs but with him as a person. I felt like although I was only coming with interest in his new Spring Collection, I was being treated like a princess and like I was being fitted for a wedding gown. The people he surrounds himself with are all amazing and so supportive. I also love the layout of his swanky studio with remnants of all his work on the walls and his designs placed on the mannequins.

The Saturday evening after his amazing "C me in Dior" show I could not wait to see him to tell him about what I wanted and see it up close and personal. Everything I was in awe of! But it's three pieces I am just so excited about and even more excited to wear in the future, so fitting appointment up next!
ALeah Connect one of the host of the "C me in Dior" Show.
Wearing Miriam Cecilia Couture!!!

Then it was like heaven in the front windows...AHHH I got to see and feel the black swan dress up close and an alternate version to it, that has halter neck and high low hemline---which is what I want so badly and the pinwheeled feathers and the flow and luminous texture to the gown was just awe inspiring!!! That is really a truly unique gown and this man has such creative imagery I can only imagine what wonderful things are to come from Mr. Borris J. Powell in the future...

I got to finally chat with my dear love among his dear family at his beautiful studio yesterday evening about his life since his big Oscar's Design Challenge Win and His hopes for the future...

CChic: Okay so ever since you won the Oscars Design Challenge how has everything been In your life--- is it super, super hectic?

Borris: It has been my love, it hasn't stopped and it's been so busy, so hectic but it's great! I love working under pressure. Once I was announced as the winner I literally had maybe 3 and 1/2 weeks to enjoy my show. So had to prepare a whole entire show in 3 and 1/2 weeks. So it was really tough and I haven't had a chance to sit down and relax and enjoy that win. But now that the show is over I will be able to you know reflect on the Oscars win.

CChic: Oh that's wonderful!

Borris: It's been really crazy though.

CChic:You know I'm your biggest fan, One of Many! I love you as a person and all the emotion that I see in your designs. So what can we expect. I just saw your fall 2011 Collection Runway Show last night and I just want and love everything!!! So what do you foresee---like the sky the limit or beyond for you?!

Borris:You know what I just wanna continue what I'm doing.You know meeting wonderful people like you. I have to correct you.

CChic: Yeah?

Borris: Your not a fan, your a friend. I don't believe a fan can have this close relationship.

CChic: Ohh...blushing

Borris: I do, so your definitely a friend and I adore you to death.

CChic: I adore you back!

Borris: What's next for me is to continue to grow. Grow as much as I possibly can. And uh working on my mens line next and continue on with my ladies line.

CChic: Oh Wonderful, I'm so glad to see you again Borris.

As I was leaving I had to ask Borris if he will be staying in Chicago. Borris loves us too much and will be living a bi-coastal life. So we will have to share him with Amsterdam as well! It's always such a pleasure to be in his presence and I think that we can all agree that he makes us all so proud and I'm so very excited for him, and the Bright future of Borris J. Powell designs! View his collection online at and make your appointment with this talented, creative sweetheart.


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