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Friday, March 11, 2011

Backstage Moroccan Oil Magic, And COSMIX Fun at MBIFW 2011!*!*!*

Have You Heard of the most luxurious product available right now for hair?!?--- Its The Amazing line called: Moroccan Oil!!! The Hair and Makeup at Miami Beach International Fashion Week This Weekend was truly Glam!*!*!* Moroccan Oil is one of the sponsors this year and I really love the Moroccan Oil product line. I've been using the line on occasion I first learned of the debut when I got a sample in my gift bag at Chicago Fashion Focus 2009!*!*!* Moroccan Oil uses this amazing pure Nourishing Argan oil that has a remarkable ability to create astonishing results on severely dehydrated and damaged hair without buildup! The products are so safe that you can use it on your skin, which I actually do!!!

I got to go backstage and see the action unfold and also got to chat with the International Creative Director of Moroccan Oil: Antonio Carall Calero. Who has been with the Company since 2007! Here are some images from last night in action---You can See Antonio and his team work The Moroccan Oil Magic.*.*.*.*

I asked about what the theme was for the hair at last nights show. Antonio explained that it's hard to try please all the designers but the models were all going to have an old Hollywood glamour look, with the sexy wave. Antonio makes sure each and every models hair is done to perfection.

No model left for the stage without his approval. Antonio who joking likes to be called Lola;)... explained that the most important thing about the theme of Moroccan Oil is that healthy hair is beautiful hair and all the models are all beautiful and they are going to just enhance their beauty. The Moroccan Oil Product line focuses on the health of the hair and protecting It so it remains strong, healthy, and glamorous!*!*!

The makeup by Cosmix was uber sexy and the highlight was The Eye, Especially on the final Night For the Black Swam Show...

I asked if Antonio will be returning to Miami Beach International Fashion Week next year and he says he hopes so, if they will have him again. I'm positive that everyone was pleased with their work and will Gladly have them as a sponsor again! Antonio had just came from New York earlier this month for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. He prefers MBIFW like I do for many reasons the number one reason is of course the weather!*!*!

I became obsessed with Antonio and his Entire Crew and they're work!!! Saturdays show was Three different looks...I loved the 70's Wavy Hair The Most;) Sunday was a beautiful bun, and wavy curls...

I truly feel in love over this past weekend with the product and Antonio Calero for Moroccan Oil, so much so that I have decided to try one of the Salons here in Chicago that is a Moroccan Oil Haircare Salon---Thomas West Salon  and Alexis was just simply put sent from Heaven...I love the texture and the feel of my hair after using the Moroccan Oil Product Line that I don't know how I would ever survive without it in the future! I got to visit Alexis Earlier Today Friday March 11, 2011 and she just naturally knew what to do to my hair and how to style it---I never had to tell her what to do and my hair still looks amazing after running around town ♥ 
I think its safe to say I'm officially hooked on The Moroccan Oil Hair Care Line and Alexis at Thomas West Salon all thanks to Miami Beach International Fashion Week!*!*!*!
View to find a stylist near you, Your Hair will thank & Love YOU, Plus smell so yum^_^


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