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Friday, March 11, 2011

Final Night at Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Fashion Lives ON~!~!~!

So Its the final day of Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Sunday March 6, 2011;(( Sad but true but The final night was for sure such a fun night of festivities. First there was the designer sample sale and I got to meet a few fabulous local designers, based in Miami!!!
Shannon Saint Clair couture Jewelry was one that I admired so much...loved her handcrafted pieces with genuine sterling silver and gold.I could not get over how amazing her bracelets were! She also designs earrings, necklaces,and rings! Shannon officially launched her gorgeous jewelry line in 2008, and she is very passionate about her designs...

Dafne' Alleno was raised and spent some of her adult life in the Magnifice' Paris! Her past in Paris includes working for the high end perfume house of Yves Saint Laurent..I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her before her show about her designs and truly believe that there is nothing like them! She uses of all things magnet as closures for her jewelry line Dafne'. She tries to make everything easy for the woman, as we all know we can always use any break in our glam routine, as much as possible! Not surprisingly though she later that same evening won at the Moda awards for Tiffany Jewelry Design Award!!! It was very much well deserved and she is such a sweet and gentle lady...

Giovanni Scutaro from Venezuela won the Award for Excellence in Eveningwear. Marcelo Quadros from Brazil won the Victoria Puig de Lange International Style Award.

There were designs showcased from various students.My absolute favorite was this design. The beautiful shades of blue cascading down the runway, the long flowy essence, then the Icing on the Cake: the White Cardigan Hood!!! I was totally mesmerized by this piece, AH-MAZING...

Finally there was an evening of fashion renditions of swan lake from various Miami Designers titled: "Black Swan by Miami Designers" and a breathtaking Performance by the Miami City Ballet. 
The Highlight was the beautiful Adriana de Moura-Sidi strutted down the runway in a gorgeous long black gown by Petit Pois designed by Viviana G and is carried also right here in Chicago!!!

What I loved the most about this part of the evening was the creatively done Makeup by Cosmix, and the hair by the amazingly talented Antonio Carelo International Creative Director of Moroccan Oil. The Eye's had this dark overcast that exuded enigmatic energy...

The Evening, and Sadly the end of Miami Beach International Fashion Week was Concluded with International Recording Star RIA but it was a fun light note to end the evening. She did a really great performance and dance routine on the small stage, and looked beautiful, and carefree...

Then drum roll, pianos and trumpets sing for the unveiling of the reveal of the latest diamond and 18K Gold outfits by Danasha Luxury, from Lebanon. I was just in awe, with my jaw open because not only were each of the pieces strikingly gorgeous because of the diamonds alongside the pants, and the beautiful centered heart on the dress was my favorite placement of the jewels...but these pieces, the clothing themselves were super luxe!!! The print and the cut and fit of watch of the pieces made me gasp in excitement. I think I had daydreams about that piece throughout the evening after, okay I daydreamed about It all week and can't get it outta my head just fuels me ♥

I wanted to mention that the Spectacular Ladies from Levy Communications were just the best throughout this whole process. And Maria Lanao deserves an award for all her amazing work and helpfulness to all the media...particularly me. At the beginning of the night a group of Other photographers got together and got her a beautiful bouquet and that was the least we could do for her---thank you Maria!*!*!*
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