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Friday, April 1, 2011

CS Chic Boutique...So Yeah I covered the Social Aspect!---^_^

Although veeeeeeeery brief...I'm so happy I got to stop by the CS Magazine's Chic Boutique Event!!! After being happily greeted by the the hostess Little Princess and I received a cute CS Tote and were on our to do a quick go and see--- we had to get to the Elda De La Rosa Show!!!! We saw Luis of ChiCityTrends leaving with a friend to head over to the Elda De La Rosa Show. So our plan to quickly scope out the venue and shops was totally we were so busy socializing as usual!

From what I could tell this was a great shopping event with awesome treats to be had!!! Ohhh I will have to wait for the next one--- hopefully it will be soon. I just loved the music...oh and all was not lost, I did discover a new Chicago Boutique: See what drew me to her booth was that I immediately saw her luggage and In my mind I said I want!!!So Pretty!!! After asking the sweet lady sitting at the table if she was the owner she directed me to look over...Then I look to my left and who else do I see but Raijean of Swai Rai, and Nikita of Chitiwn Fashionista just love those two ladies!

This Purtty Baby is lined with fur on the inside....
ahhh I didn't event know that existed in luggage, a dream I tell you!!!
Available at 

The DJ was Playing "That's Not MY NAME" as we were leaving...
I wanted to stay and Parrr---TAY!

over to Jules, oh how I adore her!!! She makes my heart melt...

Then I had to stop and say hello to the lovely duo of the It Factor Agency: Rodney and Mikeya...and they told me to hurry over to the Elda De La Rosa Show, which is exactly what I did...Sorry Shoppers I didn't get to cover much of the shopping blame it on my endless socializing!!!
Thanks Chicago Social for Putting on Such An Awesome Free Shopping Event,
 I promise to do some shopping next time around!*!*!*

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