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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mani's, Chatting and Mocktails with Stephanie & Miriam Cecilia!*!*!

Magnificent Miriam Cecilia Gowns... Check, Daring Dottie's Delights Lingerie...Check, Manicure...Check, Mocktails...Check--- Yes I said Manicures & Mocktails!!! Leave it up to the sweethearts Miriam Cecilia and Stephanie of  Dottie's Delights to bring you a signature event such as this! After dining at the brand new ultra cool Hubbard Inn we jetted over to the Manicures & Mocktails Event!

Miriam Cecilia the top finalist in the Oscars Design Challenge! I am so in love with her designs---!!! M. Cecilia is inspired from nature to create such glamorous yet simple pieces...true love!

I also got to chat away with Sarah Zakareckis Editor of  Hush Chicago Magazine(pictured left). Miriam Cecilia is planning on doing her grand opening sometime in May--- so stay tuned for that grand Celebration, when the world will finally have the full Miriam Cecilia Experience--- You already know I'm so there!

While I was chatting a manicure by the ladies from Mario Tricoci and loving the color! After the manicure took pictures of Miriam Cecilia Pieces and so many looks - awesome!

Stephanie Kurr of Dottie's Delights always looks so cute! She was sitting with her photographer friend when I arrived...

Then she showed me the Cool Mocktails that are inspired from Miriam Cecilia & Dottie's Delights. Plus there was so many yummy treats to enjoy, which did not go to waste---^_*

I'm super excited for this spring such great time for the CFI and especially for Miriam dear sweetheart who I hope all the best for in the future and will always hold a special place in my you Miriam Cecilia---And Stay tuned for her big Fashion Show in two weeks at launch/cfi 5th floor from 6-9pm... Stay on the lookout of the date of her grand opening at 1223 W. diversy pkwy this Spring!*~!*~!*~


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