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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Adventures of Evil Kitty at Launch/CFI...*~Meee-WoW~*

What a show it was...Evil Kitty...what a delightful & truly eccentric collection! Lidia Wachowska of Evil Kitty featured designs that have spunk, personality and playfulness!

I was so honored to attend her Spring/ Fall 2011 Collection and will be visiting her studio very soon to get the Full Evil Kitty Experience---yeah! When princess and I arrived in our cute Evil Kitty ensemble we were ready to get the fashion party started---right! Then without further ado Lidia announced the prelude to what call the Adventures of Evil Kitty!!!

This show featured every mood available with just a hint of Enigmatic evilness...I was taken on an adventure along with the many designs/ moods of Evil Kitty! I just absolutely love how the show ended each look with a stop at the pose and lights cool! The bright colors marked the dawn, while as the show progressed we saw a more fiercely fabulous evil kitty emerge...meow!!!

The make up was done by Olga from SYS and Emy Tres Jolie! It was majorly Evil Kitty and soooo on point!!! There was also free makeup sessions after the show---how cool is that! Each eye was emphasized to give the models a feline appeal and frisky feel;) And the hair---LOVE! 

Evil Kitty is a collection that brings out ones playful side we all have...Let Lidia help it emerge...she carries tee, tops, dresses and so much more!!! The Evil Kitty look can make you truly feel like you have nine lives...full of fashion that is! The conclusion of the Evil Kitty Journey was sweetly done with a pose with all the final looks and Lidia surrounded by all her little kittens...

I couldn't wait to congratulate Lidia on her Show. It was so good to see her after too long! Lidia despite the name of her collection is the sweetest lady you will ever meet! I just adore her for being what I like to call Sweet Kitty ^_^

♥ ♥ ♥

I also got to socialize with some wonderful new people and Evil Kitty Fans--- which is part of what I love to do! I got to meet a couple of the ladies of Now You Know You Know with their stylish who happens to be a Chicago shoe designer--Yeah man! -- more info on her real soon;))  I was also invited by this super cool & stylish group from Urbana-Campaign to their fashion week towards the end of April and that would be so up my alley---I can't pass up a fashion show!

The whole crowd was super cool & there to support & see the awesome collection of the one and only Evil Kitty! I had such a great time and had my Evil Kitty fix for now but must visit Lidia's studio for more feminine frisky fun!!!

View the Evil Kitty Collection Online at 
To find a Retailer near YOU!

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