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Friday, May 13, 2011

LAUNCH Columbia College Chicago!!!

This Afternoon I was able to attend LAUNCH Columbia College Chicago The Spirit of Fashion! I loved the layout of the show. The Runway extended from the stage area to all the way around the entire 2nd floor. Which meant ample space for friends, family and fans to watch the show. I got to take a peek at a few of the fashions from the 1pm fashion show.During the Intermission I was able to see some really creative pieces from the Senior Students placed onto the tables located throughout the Fashion Showcase...

Red Hot Runway Competition Designer Winning Pieces!!!

This piece was designed with the most popular Christmas Time Gifts in mind.
 It was displayed in a mall during Christmas Time
to Encourage Charity Giving During the Holidays*!*!

Next Up was the 1:45 Fashion Business Video.It spotlighted many students during the design making of many Chicago Fashion Incubator Events for some of my favorite CFI Designers.
2:00 p.m. Was Time For The Fashion Designer's Show!!! This was my best part of the afternoon! I managed to get a up close a personal spot by the stage where I was able to practically breath the essence of theses designs^_* Each and Every Collection Showcased was along the category of ready to wear pieces. These are just some of the many up and coming Chicago Designers Talent..
Naomi Norem...Tribal Prints
Mixed With Blacks & Gray Basics

Katie DiFlore...A Mixture of Class, Sophistication,
Edgy, & Sensual Glamour

Erin Lowder...Eccentric Ease
Ruth Reyes...
Classic & Dramatic

Emma Kochank...Cocktail Couture

Grace Lewis...
Spike Biker Beast

Katya Flores...
Sheer Inspiration

Emily Peterson...Nod To Nautical

Elizabeth Soles...
Spanish Inspiration Sensations

After the 2p.m. Show ended I got my picture taken by some a fellow fashionable gal before heading out into the unseasonably cold weather! Then got to say hello to a few uber stylish peeps in the crowd & learned that one is a fellow Columbia College Chicago Alumni...

Columbia College Alumni Above in
Sheer Nudes & Leopard Shoes!

There was much more to see at the 2:45, 3:00, 3:45, 4:00 & 4:45 Showings 
*Sadly* I couldn't stay for but looking forward
 to Future Runway Shows At Columbia College Chicago!!!

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