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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rihanna: Run This Town!*!*!*

I Want You To Love Me, Like I'm A Hot Ride OH! Last Week Rihanna Performed At the United Center for A Performance that triumphs all others! Every song was either a Classic or New sensation. Then did I mention Her Attire!....Tha' Biz^_* I loved all her looks but this neon embellished set was just all I'm obsessed with for the summer:NEON!

My Second Favorite Look was this Yellow Flowly Gown with a high slit she wore with thigh high brown camel boots, while singing "Unfaithful"...Have you ever seen yellow look so sensual? Never!..

She then proceeded to steal my heart when she performed the classic: "Take A Bow"! Her Cropped Denim Jacket and Sultry Attitude during the song was just as good as the video. Which by the way is my favorite Rihanna Video...
I truly Enjoy Rihanna as an out of the box performer and her work has caused much controversy. I believe that so much is lost when one tries to define an artist's in one way or prohibit different expression. Just as she can perform "S&M" perhaps just for fun...she can also sing a slow ballad like "I Hate That I love You".
When I meet Rihanna at the Meet & Greet Session I told her how much she inspires me and I couldn't help but to give her a warm embrace.My princess and I prepared a card for her and embellished the envelope with Love LuLu Mae Authentic Feather Pastel Swarovski Earrings! Only For Rihanna!!! The Princess was oh so lucky to get a kiss on the cheek from Rihanna!!!! Sigh....

This was my princesses Favorite Look on Rihanna because she had on little Christian Louboutin Booties that are identical to her Barbie Collectors Special Edition Shoes
Made for Barbies!♥...
Rihanna has an aura that is gentle and mindful. She has to be the cutest thing ever can you believe that she gave me the Um, Hmm cute attitude look when she asked me about my hair..."That's All Your Real Hair too isn't it?" Rihanna asked with her adorable accent. The she gave me the playful attitude look! I love her! ♥♥♥
I asked Ri-Ri "What's your favorite song, if any from tonight or just in general?" She thinks for a short moment about it and says "Cheers!" I reply with a smile and then I blow kisses to her as I walk away...bittersweet but I'll never forget her sweet aura and persona. I felt like I was just talking to a friend who happens to be a world superstar! That's how cool and sincere she is with her fans! Even on twitter she interacts with her fans on a daily basis and offers words of encouragement to many. Cheers to Rihanna !!!

             Cheers! to the Summer, to Individuality and Always Creativity!*!*!*!
"I'll Drink to That"^_*

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