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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day One!!! The Chicago Sidewalk Sale at Daley Plaza!*!*!

There were luxe goodies all around at The Chicago Sidewalk Sale!!! No matter your age or taste there was something for everyone! From Art Prints by EndsWealthCorp to Skeleton Earrings by Ramon Lebone'!
  Love Lulu Mae was our first magical stop and I say magical as whenever I see Agnes & her beautiful designs I feel like I'm in a fairy-tale land! She is certainly my fairy and instantly transforms any look from Ahhh!!! Plus her prices are affordable for every princess from $8 hair pins -to$20 feather headbands!~Bitty Boppidy WoW! Here is a peek at Agnes designs you can visit her tomorrow and next week at my "Naughty & Nice Novella Book Signing Party" next week!

Cerato Boutique had some sizzling selection of handbags and many other limited edition pieces from Chicago Designers! Gia Luxe Handbags is always a stunning piece to wear with just about any attire! Plus all of Sheetal's handbags are locally made and an international luxury!

Anna Hovet Tees Are In!!!Yep that's right Anna Hovet new tees have arrived and they are well let's say... Sugar & spice! With phrases like "Looking for trouble" & "Everyone's entitled to my opinion" You can be sure you'll be the conversation piece...literally!
 All Only $30 Bucks Each!! Or better Yet 2 for $50!!!

Jules...Need I say more? Well where do I start!? Julie is a master at creating her jewelry pieces and she does it all with meaning, love and Glamourous yet understated luxury in mind! Today and tomorrow she is offering 20% off all purchases...Superb!
 Need a superficial reason to shop Jules? Well her designs have been worn religiously by Rachel Ray. Featured in numerous publications such as Lucky, Chicago Collection, People Magazine and many more. Need a true reason to ShopJules?...Julie is truly a sweet, humble, honest artistic spirt! And not to mention a hard worker dedicated to her artistic expression, plus her designs start as low as $40...all made with precious stones and metals. Visit today and see why she has a true love affair with metals & so much more...

I also got to stop by the Michelle Tan Shop Tent and see the supreme pieces by my favorite in house designer at Michelle Tan...Ramon Lebone'! This man is amazingly talented!!! He makes paper fedora hats that have the most amazing shape and versatility! He also has these amazing fringe bracelets and skull earrings! Just add some of his cool designs with a Michelle Tan signature piece and you will be fighting off the paparazzi!

Evil Kitty!!!! Lidia always brings the sweet with sass! Her label motto: small but feisty is an recognizable symbol known around the world! Evil Kitty makes everything from Children's designs- to Uber luxe runway pieces! Be a bit frisky and scurry over to the Evil Kitty Booth if you can tomorrow or on the web~

Headpieces Designs by Kathleen Hermes

Lidia (Owner & Designer of Evil Kitty)
 Kathleen & Chrystal~^_*

Remember a long time ago when we thought the bulls were going to be the 2011 champions??? Well you should also remember those super amazing cool tees by Black Market Caviar that were also featured on Gilt City! Well those gems are available at The Chicago Sidewalk Sale! Plus take a look at how they package their tees!...

Check Back here tomorrow for my Runway Coverage...
or better yet join me at The Daley Plaza at noon to see the Runway Show!!!

Mohop Revolutionary Shoes!!!

EndsWealthCorp Tees & Print Art Work

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