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Monday, July 18, 2011

Edgy Sexiness!!! *The Malachi Artese Launch Party *

Sunday July 17th marked the 1 year anniversary for local amazing talent Malachi Artese! I recently... Within the last month, became aware of this supreme talent! When I saw his designs I knew I had to make my way over to his launch Party at Akira Block 37! Malachi Artese displayed his treasured pieces on live super fab models up close and personal! When we walked in...there was a smooth, sexy vibe the Tamdrid Sushi, the music playing, the models everything about this party exuded Edgy Sexiness!

DJ: Tiffany Saxon

Tracey Marionneaux
Pastry Chef

This Party was for sure: on point! When it was time for the designs to all be revealed I was feeling the moment... Literally!!! The Music Playing was "Moment for Life" by Nicki Minaj! The models poetically posed and let the eye-wear take center stage! The Akira Attire was all perfectly paired with each design. I was so excited as I walked pass each model wearing the designs so fiercely! This Man...Mr. Artese is truly An Artist on an entirely higher level...

After viewing such eccentric & edgy pieces, I got to speak with the man himself: Mr. Artese I pondered how long has he been designing: " I actually started a year ago...yesterday July 15th 2010 and it just basically took off from there-I posted one picture on facebook it blew up and it took it to the next level."
I was amazed to find out this rare gem had only started a year ago!!! His fan and endless support following are in the thousands!!! I then mention I saw on twitter and his website that celebrities like Keri Hilson & Jennifer Williams from VH1 Basketball Wives has been sporting his designs. I believe he is an international sensation already, so I ask: "International Awesomeness, Was that what you were aiming for?"
Malachi Artese: "Well I don't look at myself as any kinda celebrity other than me...I have shifted I'm working on publications for Vogue Italian, Ebony,'s just me doing me out here hustling. I have no management. No PR. It's just me hustling like every African American should. I'm young and I feel like I accomplished a lot in the last year." 
And with a one year launch party held at Akira located at Block 37 in the Loop that's a celebration and accomplishment in itself! Akira is a local yet International Sensation! Many people all over the world have heard about Akira and the same with Mr. Artese he is a local yet Internationally Appreciated! I am thrilled to see what more amazing things to come from this creative 22 year old genius and I tell Mr. Artese that I am forever a fan and will be ordering a pair of his conversation piece designs real soon! Since his designs range from only $25-$50 I can afford a piece of this artwork... And feel like one of the celebrities ready to strike a pose in his designs! 
View THE collection online at

Ebonie Camille
Host on Ease Dropping Show

Katie of NYK Events wearing an Viktoria's Closet feather bracelet that's superb!
Plus Her Malachi Artese Eyewear!!!


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