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Monday, August 8, 2011

Atha Sharod Bridal...It's All in The Name

Atha Sharod...Think it's just a name? Think again! Robert's artistic vision & splendid designing talent was formed as fate would have it, at the birth of his daughter: Atha Sharod. I had the beautiful pleasure to meet this amazing mind and view his LUXE bridal Collection at The Artsy Loft On The Lake yesterday evening. It was such a magical moment in time. Hosted by the beautiful princess: Fayshell Fajardo of The Fayshell Fajardo TV Show/Instant Media Connect and The Marvelous: Marco Foster of Chicago Models...

The event included some of the biggest names in the chicago bridal industry... Tuan H. Bui, Bridal Photographer. Normans Bistro and Cedar Mediterranean. Reuters Bakery whose wedding cake I had one slice & I was forever in a tasty dream! The tables were so elegantly decorated! I even awaken thinking about the delicious goodness of the cake & treats! 

Marvelous Music performed by The Bons Vivants and Vocalist, Karen Dade.There was also THE famous Fashion Illustrator: Rosemary Fanti! She did Fashion Illustrations on site and my wonderful friend & model Keisha displayed her portrait with such style...

It was just as beautiful as a wedding, with all the trimmings of the perfect ambiance, music, yummy food, spirits & of course Bridal Couture Gowns! I felt like a princess twirling around the loft with great friends and having a grandiose memorable evening! 

Thereafter I realized I must know more about this amazing talent name, Robert. Thus I emailed him a few questions and I am in awe of the responses! Here is my exclusive Q & A with The One & Only Robert of Atha Sharod Bridal:
Robert Designer With Daughter Atha Sharod ♥
Picture Courtesy Of Tuan H Bui

C.Chic- Your gowns are all so delicate and luxurious with laces & dances of silk...what inspires you when making your gowns? Do you have a specific kind of image you want to portray or do you just let it all come to you as you design?
Robert-I am an American designer. My designs are for women who are professional career women, who are powerful, who are educated, and who command a certain respect; but, who on their special day want to be as delicate, as yielding, as feminine, and as soft as a rose. I am American designer, and I think it's remarkable how strong, and yet how feminine American women are.
This collection, "The White collection - LUXE" is very small town inspired. It is very Old World inspired. Its reflective of the glory years in America when we were more fanciful, and more patriotic. The collection is MADE in the USA. Which may sound like nothing, but it's saying a lot nowadays, with everything being imported form China. So I wanted the collection to have a look that was uniquely American, so that people would know the difference between my collection, and the imported brands.

C.Chic- What does the name Atha Sharod come from? Is there a special meaning and purpose behind the name?
Robert-When my daughter was born 11 years ago she became my best friend and confident. Even before she could talk I would hold her and tell her stories, and we were always so close. I started this company when she was born by making street wear for urban women. As she has grown, so has the company and she is really my muse. The fact that she has turned out to be so beautiful standing at 5'10 and 36/26/38 lets us all know that it's not a coincidence it's a calculation of HIS part. Atha Sharod is my daughter; the company is my tribute to her.

C.Chic- Exactly how time extensive is the process of making one of your gowns? What is the price range for your bridal gowns?
Robert-I try to make my prices as affordable as possible. It really depends on the fabric you choose. It can range from 800 dollars to 6,000. I would say that the average custom made gown is about $1,300. Which is still a little less than my collection in the bridal stores like Septembers Brides where the collection sells between 1,200 and 2,300. As far as the process it can be done in four fittings. It usually takes at least two weeks, although most brides come over four months ahead of time.

C.Chic- I must say I'm truly impressed with all the amazing support you have, that truly is a blessing. How long exactly have you been designing your lovely pieces?
Robert-I have been designing for almost twelve years now, but I have only been in bridal for ten months. And it seems to be my calling. It’s great because it's all about love and I'm always in love. I love so many things really, everyone who knows m well will tell you that. In fact I use to joke about how I cloud fall in love from just one kiss. Or even a smile. And I think that's why people gravitate towards the company because the collection exudes love. And love is just a very compelling emotion.

C.Chic- So I'm anxious to know...will you be strictly designing wedding designs...or will you grace the world with a lovely women's gowns or couture?
Robert-You know I don't want to answer that question Cha'rron, you'll just have to wait and see. Like any great reporter you'd love to spoil the surprise. It depends on what my clients want me to do.

C.Chic- Five years from now tell us where would you like Atha Sharod Bridal Couture to be?
Robert-Five years from now my daughter Atha will be almost seventeen. At that point she's be old enough, and mature enough to go to Paris, and Milan, and Brazil, and cat walk with her counterparts, the most beautiful women in the world with the Atha Sharod Brand That's my vision. To show the world the new face of American Fashion, Atha Sharod.

Photo Courtesy Of Tuan H Bui

Photo Courtesy of iTfactor Agency

With that being said we can guarantee Atha Sharod is here to stay and will live on as a legacy for generations to come♥
  View More Of His Legacy Online at

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